Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

This week has been cold

Monday we shopped and emailed.

Tuesday we had Zoo service and work with less active people. At the zoo some of us were painting Santa snow sled. The zoo was doing a fundraiser with pictures with Santa and need their sled painted red and black.  Then we help feed the animals in the rain forest with Rick.  After this we then went out to visit less actives in the ward. The ward is doing a big thing about working with the less actives in the ward.

Wednesday we had Bishop Storehouse, transfers and a ward move.
The Bishop Storehouse is held in our church building. They bring the food from Kansas City to Topeka. In Topeka the members and missionaries help fill the food orders. This took about 4 hours. It was lots of fun with the members. After the food order we went to visit Brother Shovar.  Brother Shovar is a member that is having a difficult time in life so we keep in touch with him a lot. Then we had dinner at 4:30 because of transfers. Dinner was with the Landrum family in our ward. There were 3 sisters and 2 elders and then the family. Sister Call got transferred from our ward to another ward in Topeka. The new sister arrived in Topeka about 6 PM. The new sister in the ward is Sister Macovichuk. She is from California and Alberta Canada. After dinner the Ward asked us elders to help move a family. This family was moving down to Texas. They rented a big truck and we filled it up with all of their stuff. They had lots of stuff and could not fit it all in before 9 pm. so we had to come over on Thursday. 

Thursday we help move more and also did weekly planning. We went back over to the Batmain’s to finish the move. Then we had weekly planning and studies. Then Brother Homewood took us out to try on Elder Arend’s new suit that Brother Homewood gave him for Christmas.  Then we went to dinner with the Thompson family. They had us over we ate and talked and had a good time. After dinner we had a lesson with the Downs family. They are ready for baptism on the 24th. 

Friday we had district meeting and I went with one of the zone leaders for the day.  I went with Elder Moyle. We had a full day of work. It started out with a baptism interview and then a doctor’s appointment with an EMT, then delivering ward baskets of food to less active ward members and then cleaning house before the APs came to visit. 

Saturday we had a snow day. We went over and had a lesson with the Downs family and then with Brother Scerbo. Then after lunch the cars in the mission got parked because of a storm that came to Topeka. This storm had rain, then frozen rain, then snow. 

Sunday we had no church and lots of service. We had 3 inches of snow when we got up. There was no church and no meetings. We ended up helping members shovel their driveways. We did 7 driveways. We were at the Thompson house shoveling their driveway when we were invited to have lunch. We had lunch with the Thompson family and also the Scerbo family came over also.  When we got home there was 3 packages for me on my bed. Lots of fun opening them but every thing was wrapped inside.  Then we got a voicemail telling us that we could now drive our cars. Then we had dinner with the Lamb family. After This Elder Arend and I went over to the Wright house to do a baptismal interview. Amila Wright is a member’s daughter that Elder Pack and I taught but gave her over to the sisters. She is going to be baptized on the 24th. 

I can’t wait to see you in two days. Love you all. Hope you are a having a fun time. Thanks for every thing.

Love Elder Andrew Allen

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