Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

I am staying in the Wellington Ward. We are going to be moving to Wellington to be closer to our investigators and the members. We will also save lots of miles every week because we don't have to drive from Argonia to Wellington 4 or 5 days each week.  My new companion is Elder De Jong.

Monday we had some excitement at the Stake Center. The fire alarm went off. The fire department came and said it was a malfunction or a miss reading of a sensor up in the air handler room. After all was done we could continue on our day.

Tuesday we had a district meeting in Wichita. Elder De Leon gave a great training and they gave us time to take a room and pray for 10 min about what we need to do to help our area and our self become a better missionary. Then we went out to Harper and had dinner with Sister Mock and then had scripture study class.

rental car
Wednesday we took time to update the area book and get every thing ready for transfers. Then we got a call from the car dealership. They were calling because our car was fixed and we could pick it up. We ended up taking time to clean it at the church building and have it nice to turn it back in. We ended up putting 2800 miles on it in about 28 days. It was very nice to have the rental car when they had to order and fix the front axel. Then we had dinner with the Rinehart family. Then after dinner Brother Rinehart and his daughter came out with us. We had a great lesson with them. During the lesson Melody, which is 10, told the first vision story all by herself to our investigator Ryan. 

Thursday we went to Harper. In the total time of the day we got stuck 3 times got lost once and had a dirty car. We were able to see 5 less active families’ and be able to see several potential investigators. Then we had dinner with the Brundages. This was the last time they could feed Elder Shaeffer and one of the last times we could eat with them before we move.

Friday we had a fun day. Help Brother Brundage remodel his garage. We took out their mudroom to make it so they could park 3 cars in their Garage. This was lots of fun.  Worked on the Area Book and had dinner with Sister Heacok. Then we went over to the Sudekum to talk about the Ward list. We went over all of the members and talked about each of them. This was great to learn about less actives that Elder Shaeffer knew before he left.

Saturday we went down south with Elder and Sister Sudekum and tried all of the less actives down there. We did not have lots of luck seeing them but we did find someone that likes family history. The senior couple is planning on helping him with his family history and then teaching him the lessons. Had dinner with the Taylor family. Then had coordination meeting with the ward mission leader. Elder Sudekum is a great ward mission leader.

Sunday we had church and then time to see people. Went out with Brother Johnson to give a blessing and was able to see one of the recent converts. Had dinner at our place.

This has been a long week. I am looking forward to my new companion. Thanks for all the Emails ands letters.
Elder Andrew Allen.

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