Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 4, 2014

This week has been great. Lots of service in the ward. 

Monday we went to the zoo in Wichita with the Sudekums. It was lots of fun to see the animals and walk around at the zoo. Then we had dinner with the Porter family and had time to go home and pack for our move on Friday. 

Tuesday we had district meeting in Wichita. After lunch Sister Sudekum needed to go shopping at the mall in Wichita so Elder de Jong and I went in to hand out Books of Mormon. The Mall police asked us to follow them because we were breaking rules in the Mall. We talked to the assistant manager and she told us that we could not solicit in the mall.  So we ended up waiting for the Sudekums to finish. Then we had scripture study class with Sister Mock and the Sudekums. We ended up talking because we were the only ones that showed up.

Wednesday we helped Suzi Trotter move all of her stuff into a trailer. She is a less active that is moving out west because she got a job teaching in Ness City Kansas. So we spent 6 hours helping at the Trotters place. Then we had time to start cleaning the church building. The Sudekums and us volunteered to help clean the church building that has not been cleaned in 5 months. 

Thursday we spent the whole day at the church building. We were able to get the building presentable for church tours and for the ward movie night this next Friday. Then we had dinner with the Brundages and had s’mores with their grandchildren. 

Friday we moved to Wellington. We have a nice apartment and nice stuff from the mission office. We had time to unpack and then we went down south with the Sudekums to Caldwells.   The summer county fair was happening and we were able to see the animals and also talk to a few people. 

Saturday we had exchanges with our District and Zone Leaders.  I went with Elder Swenson and Elder de Jong went with Elder de Loen and Elder Nerdin. We found 8 new investigators and 4 of them were on date for baptism in 2 hours. We can truly see the Lord preparing people down here to hear the gospel. Then we had lunch with them and went out to Bell Plain. 

Sunday we had church and lots of comments about the building and about how the sacrament was passed. When we were cleaning the Building we rearranged the chairs in the chapel to look like a normal chapel and not like a school auditorium room. And we worked with the deacons to help pass the sacrament with 4 deacons instead of 2. This was great to see the ward change and see good come out of change. Then we had dinner with the Taylor family. They have a fun family. They also have lots of stories from Mexico. 

Thanks for every thing.
Elder Andrew Allen

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