Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

This week was very long but great.

Monday we first started the day off with eating pancakes at the Fillmores. So I now have a record of 36 pancakes. Then we emailed and had fun. Then we were able to talk to a few people after dinner. We meet with Emmit and Jan.

Tuesday we had district meeting. Then after District meeting we gave Brother Ortiz a blessing. Then we visited a less active in Lamar that was able to cut Elder Mcitires hair. Then we were able to see many people before dinner with the Mackeys. Then we had sports night. The Millers, Jarred and Brittney, Bolinger Family all came this week. It was lots of fun because there were only big kids there. Then we talked with Brother Miller about the plan of missionary work.

Wednesday we went on a road trip. We went down to Walsh, Springfield, Two Butts and Campo. We were able to find some less actives that have been not contacted in many years. We had lots of fun. We even had fun on the dirt roads until we got stuck. We ended up in the country for 3 hours until Jarred and Brittney came to pull us out. We tried to call a lot of people. It ended up that only Jarred would talk to us so he came from Lamar to get us. Thanks to him we got home that night. We were able to talk to the Wheat field.

Thursday we had time to see people in town. We were able to talk with Emmit and Jan, Paulina, Sam Kisamore. We were able to have a church tour with Paulina and her date is for May 23. Then we had dinner out at the Millers. We were able to talk about less actives and church with him. Then we went to wish Pete a Happy Birthday. Pete is a recent Convert and our down stairs neighbor. It ended up that Pete was not able to come to the door. So we talked to Stana a less active and our apartment manager. We talked to her and Rick. Then as we were going into our building we saw lots of people walking in to Pete’s place. So we went to look into it. It ended up that Pete fell down in the kitchen and cut open his eyelid. We got Stana and she asked us to call 911. Pete passed out; we ended up giving him a blessing. The EMT then showed up and helped Pete. They took him to the Hospital. Then we had to talk to the police.

Friday we started off the day doing family history with Sam Kisamore. Then we talked to the sisters about the ward and the less actives we have met. Then we had lunch and then talked to Stana and the Police again. Then we had time to then start our drive to Garden. On the way to Garden we saw the Smiths and Colman's and Tirie. Then we had dinner at Porky's Parlor in Syracuse. We ended up getting to the Zls house at 9PM.

Saturday we started the day at 3am. We got on the bus in Garden City at 4:15. We made a stop in Dodge to pick up more missionaries. Then we got to Wichita at 8am. In Wichita we took a mission Picture. Then we had a mission talk and then we entered the church building. Then Elder Holland, Elder Christionson and Elder Desler talked to us for about 3 hours. It was great to learn from them. Elder Holland went up to Sister Williams and talking to us and ended up Yelling to us in Sister Williams face. He grabbed her head and shook it for a second. He also did it again with another Elder and kissed him on his head. This was a great meeting. They all talked about thing we can do to help improve as a mission. Then we got a sack lunch and left for home. We ended up not getting home until 6 pm our time, 7 pm Kansas Time. Then we saw Brittney and Jarred. We blessed their house and gave Brittney a blessing with Dave Miller.

Sunday we had church. It was a great meeting. We even had a missionary that served in the ward come back. Sister Fuller now Sister Hindrickson came to church on their way to Texas with her husband. I served around her when I was in Topeka. Then we had a Priesthood meeting that was broadcast from Garden. Then we saw Pete. He is doing lots better. He is planning on going home on Thursday. He said he did not like the birthday present of the hospital. Then we attended the YSA Broadcast.

This week has been very good. Thanks for all the Letters and Emails. Have a Great Week and have a safe Mothers Day.

Elder Andrew Allen

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