Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 25, 2013

This week has been very fun.

Monday was a long day. Elder Arend was playing basketball at the stake center after lunch. During this nice friendly game, Elder Arend messed up his foot. So the zone Leaders told us that we would need to go to the Urgent care. So we spent 3 hours there waiting for an x-ray and the doctor to tell him that it was not broken but sprained.  That was a long night.
Elder Allen and Elder Arend
Tuesday we had zoo service. Rick had us bagging leaves and also cleaning out the hay barn. This was a nice fun project because it took us not long and we got to drive the golf cart. Then we worked at the Red Cross blood drive till dinner. The four LDS wards signed up with the First Congregational Christian church and had a blood drive. This was held at the Fist CC church building.  This was nice to help the churches in the community and also see and talk to other members of other churches. Then with Brother Scerbo, we went down south to try different less actives and a referral. This was a long day.

Wednesday the district leaders had a training meeting in Manhattan. This put me with all of the other companions. I was with two new missionaries for the day. We had lots of lessons with members of the Cooley creak ward. This was a wonderful day. Then we ate with brother Homewood and his son. We also had weekly planning at 7 pm. 

Thursday we had a special training from the AP’s and also President Bell. This training was about using the Book of Mormon with our members and investigators and less active families in our ward. This was one of the longest meetings I have been in with President Bell. This meeting was 5 hours long but we were able to learn a lot and also have good time with the missionaries in the zone. Then brother Homewood took us Elders out to lunch. He tried to have the sisters also but they went with other sisters to an expensive lunch place. Then we were able then to have a wonderful dinner with the Kubie family. The Kubie family is one of the largest family in our ward. They have ten children and the oldest is 38 and the youngest is 11. Their son Brad came home from his mission on Tuesday. They also have a daughter leaving for her mission. This was wonderful to talk to Brad Kubie and see the different things they did in his mission. They are a wonderful family because of all the work they do for the ward. 

Friday we help the Paz family fix their outside siding of their house. Then we went with Brother Paz and help the Reinsch family move all Sister Reinsch sister’s stuff. Sister Reinsch’s sister passed away this last Friday so they need help cleaning out the apartment. This was a sad time for the family. Then we had dinner at the Paz house. All of the Reinsch family also came to the Paz house for dinner. This was a large dinner.

Saturday was the funeral for Sister Deason. This was a nice funeral. There was lots of family and ward members. Then Brother Kubie had us clean the church building.  Then we went out with Brother Kubie to try some family in the ward. Then we had dinner with the Washburns family and the Matt Davis family and also the sisters missionaries. This was big dinner, there was 15 people out in the middle of our ward. These families we had dinner with live about 30 min from the church building. They were a nice family to eat with then talk about missionary work and how they can help. Then we had ward correlation meeting with Brother Scerbo. 

Sunday was church. Only the Elders came to church. Sister Smart was sick and so the sisters stayed home all day. We had 3 investigators come to church and also 5 less actives also came to church.  After church we help the Bishop give a blessing to Sister Smart. Then we had dinner with the Bishop’s family. Dinner with the Lambs was very nice. 

This week has been very cold out here in Topeka, Kansas. I am doing great and loving my new companion Elder Arend. Hope you all are doing good and staying warm. Thanks for the letters. It was 15 when we got up to day.

Love Elder Andrew J Allen

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