Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 4, 2013

This last week has been very fun and lots of fun stuff happened.

Monday was P-Day. Lots of fun. We played volleyball and also basketball.

Tuesday we went to the Zoo. Because of the cold weather Rick had us clean the Rain forest. This was lots of fun planting different plants and also cutting down trees and cleaning out the garbage. Lots of Fun.  We also helped with the food truck. The Bishop store House is cutting down on large orders of food for families. There have been families that get two carts of food for two weeks. Then Brother Scerbo took us out and worked down south.

Wednesday President Bell Came to Brother Homewood’s House and had weekly Planning with us. This took up most of our day because President was late and we also talked a lot with him. He was very nice and also had lots to say about the area and how the ward needs a set of sister also and how we have a lots of potential in this ward. This was a fun time to get to know President and know more about the mission. Then we had a ward party. This ward party was fun and also lots of candy. We had 2 of our investigators at the party. Lots of fun.

Thursday we had a fun time working until 6 pm. Because of Halloween we were told that we could not be out after 6 pm. We had a service at the retirement home. There was a party with lots of candy and food. There were lots of elderly people that came to this party. They all liked the party that we helped with.
Halloween was a lot of fun because of candy we got and the members that we were able to see.

Friday we had district meeting. This was our last district meeting for this transfer because of zone conference this next Tuesday, November 5th.  We took photos and had a good time at lunch. Then Elder Owens and I went together to work The Lake Shawnee Ward. Lots of less active people we visited.

Saturday Elder Corvalan and I went to a family in our ward and helped paint their house. We painted for 6 hours. Lots of fun helping paint and also learning more about the Paz family. This was a big service for this family. Then we had dinner with the Matt Davis Family. We saw the new pigs and also their new car they got. Then we had correlation meeting with Brother Scerbo.

Sunday we had several families at church that are less active and a new family that moved into this ward. Lots of new people at church. Then we ate at a less active family house. The Reeves are a nice family, they come to all Church events but they work on Sunday so they can not come to church. Sunday was a long day because the amount of people we saw after church.

This week has had fun and lots of work.  I have heard a rumor that I will be staying in the Lake Shawnee ward for another 6 weeks on November 13th. The sisters will be coming on November 13th. This ward is working lots with us to prepare for the sisters with investigators and less active members to work with.

I miss all of you and hope you all had fun this Halloween. I love you
Elder Andrew Allen

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