Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct 28, 2013


This week went well. This week we helped several families with service projects.

Monday we had a wonderful p-day. We went bowling and played volleyball. Most of the Topeka Zone came down to play and have a fun time. That evening we ate dinner with the second counselor in the stake presidency. We ended up talking about both of their missions and how they liked them. Also saw pictures of their missions.

Tuesday was zoo service. Rick this week had Elder Robinson and I split wood again. This week we had a bigger pile of wood to split. This was a fun project to do because of the time I had to talk to Rick and Elder Robinson.  After the zoo we went with the Spanish Elders to meet a referral they contacted but is not Spanish speaking.  Nicole is this referral, she is very nice and loves to talk and tell different stories. Then we were able to visit Brother Shovar. Brother Shovar is working on going to the temple. He has a date to work to. He want to do his son’s work after he goes though. Then after dinner we went down south with Brother Scerbo. We do not get down south because of the miles we have with our car. We were able to visit Sister Ryan and help her with some of her questions she has because she can not come to church because she had a stroke about 4 months ago.

Wednesday we ate dinner at our new investigators house. Travis is a nice and loves to talk. He is in the Army and has served in Iraq and around the world. His wife Jamie is a member and they have two children. Their oldest is 7 and young one is 2. Travis has come to church for the last 7 weeks. About 3 weeks ago we found out he was not a member but he still likes to come to church and learn. They are a nice family. They asked at the end of our lesson with us if there was someone in the ward that could look at their dryer because it was popping the breaker. We told them that Brother Paz could look at it.

Thursday we help Bill Reinsch move. We had a fun time working and helping move different things. They are moving their daycare down south because Wal-Mart bought their land and is building a 4th Wal-Mart in Topeka. This was a fun time helping them. Then we went to the retirement home and helped them with crafts. The old people like to help us and share different stories from their life. There are two members that live at this retirement home. Then we went out on team ups with David Kubie.  David Kubie knows lots of the ward members because his family grew up in the ward. His sister Joanna Kubie also came out with us because she told us she needs practice before her mission in January. We were able to meet lots of less active members that were down south.

Friday was district meeting. After district meeting we went on splits with our district leaders. I went with Elder Every and Elder Corvalan went with Elder Owens. Elder Every and I went to the Sherwood ward and had a wonderful time talking to the members in that ward. For dinner we went to the ward missionary house and had dinner. He found out that we did not have a dinner and he had lots of food. They are a nice family they both served missions and are now going to school. Lots of fun with Elder Every.

Saturday Elder Every woke up sick. Elder Corvalan also was not feeling well. That put Elder Owens and I together for the day. The sick Elders stayed home and slept all day. Elder Owens and I went and helped a family put up their decorations on their lawn and had wonderful lesson with them after the service. Spent lots of time in the Sherwood ward these last two days. That Evening Brother Paz was not able to help the Jackson Family with their dryer so we went over to help them. In the end, the dryer and washer ended up welding themselves together because of the way it was wired. The dryer was wired Red To Red, Then Black To white, Then White To Black. The dryer outside metal was charged and the washer metal was grounded so the two made a loop of electricity. It is interesting what can happen when someone does not know what they are doing.

Sunday we had church. They announced that the ward is getting a set of sister missionaries and still will have a set of elders. This was wonderful news because the distance of our ward. We were also told that we were able to ride with sisters that are over the age of 50 and approved by the bishop. Then Bishop dropped of food for the Spanish elders and us.

This week has been a wonderful. Lots of lessons and service. There are some great things happening in the Lake Shawnee Ward. I am doing great and still working hard.

Love Elder Andrew J Allen

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