Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

This week was good, we had some great things happen to us this week. This week we had the bikes. We walked and biked a lot this week.

Monday we had a fun and played basketball, went shopping and also had dinner. Dinner was with the Paz family. The Paz’s are from California and have several grandchildren. They are a nice family because they are willing to do everything to help the missionary's.

Tuesday was service at the zoo.  Rick was back this week.  He told us that last Tuesday he was thinking of us when he was in a conference in Mississippi. This next few weeks at the zoo we are clearing out a lot that was over grown and lots of trees. After the zoo we went to the Paz house and help them with their lawn. We then had a wonderful lesson with them about the importance of coming to church and helping share the gospel with others.

Wednesday we had weekly planning for the next 10 days. During this planning we review the plans for Thursday through Sunday then we plan for the next week. This is a fun time to study about our investigators and the members that we are going to teach. After lunch we went out and were visiting less actives and active members in our area. This day I finally meet the mom of the convert that was baptized in May. She is always gone when we come over to help him and review what he has learned in seminary.  Caleb is a nice kid but it would be nice and helpful for him if his mother and sister would listen to the lessons and become a members.  This evening president Bell was up here for a meeting with the stake presidency.  After this meeting he asked several companionship to come down to the stake center and have a surprise interview with him. It was wonderful to talk to him about the area and things we are working on with the ward.

Thursday we went to the old folks home in Topeka. The missionaries go over and help with crafts and different small projects to make this retirement home look more bright and colorful. This week we made ghost and other bats for the October season.  After this craft we were able to have a lesson with a returning member of the church. Brother Shovar is an older man that has lots of medical problems because of his weight. We had a awesome lesson about the power of God in our life and how we need to seek for the Holy Ghost in our life. Then we had a lesson with the Brase family. We talked about member missionary work. 

Friday was district meeting.  Elder Owens had a great lesson on using the Restoration when teaching members about doing missionary work with their friends and family. This next mouth President Bell wants us to help motivate the members to missionary work. President Bell promised that if we would work with the members we will see people prepared to be taught the gospel. Today the Thompson family feed us at the lake. We ate on the tables right next to the lake. Brother Thompson was a missionary in the ward he now lives in. He moved back to Topeka and dated many of the members he met on his mission.

Saturday we first help mow Brother Homewood’s lawn and do his yard work for him.  Then we biked 9 miles down south to a small town of 20 houses. This was a fun bike ride because Kansas is very flat and has small parts of the ride were it was not flat. Kansas also has wind and clouds.  We tried several of the members that live there but they were not home. Dinner was with a part member family that is less active. The Downds family is very nice and kind to feed us. They feed us a wonderful meal and had a wonderful lesson. We then asked them if they would come to church. They said yes. Lots of happiness.

Sunday was church. The Downds Family came to church and had a wonderful time at church. We were asked to talk about missionary work in Relief Society. The sisters asked us questions about how to bring up the gospel to their friends and family. Church was great.

This week was a great week here in Topeka Kansas.  I am loving the letters you are sending to me. Thanks for everything. 

Love Elder Andrew Allen

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