Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct 7, 2013

This week has been a fun week but not that many lessons that we were able to teach.

Monday was p-day. I was able to go play disk golf. Shopping for food. Dinner was with the Clark family.

Tuesday was service at the zoo. Rick was paid to go to a convention on Monday so he was not back on Tuesday. Stacy was then in charge of the missionaries because Rick was gone. Stacy is Rick assistant at the zoo. This week at the zoo Elder Every and I got the job of trash.  This made it possible to see all of the park.  After the zoo I went with my district leader to work his area while Elder Corvalan went with Elder Budge to the Spanish branch area. This was fun to work and help my District Leader, Elder Owens. We also helped with the bishop storehouse food drop off. It is fun to help the stake with this service every other week.

Wednesday Elder Corvalan went up to Laurence for his doctor appointment. Elder Corvalan went up with the Spanish Elders to Laurence so I stayed in Topeka with Elder Owens and Elder Every. This was fun to spend a night at their house and be able to work a several days with other missionary's.

Thursday was weekly planning for the next week. After planning we went to an elderly home and helped make crafts with them. It is nice to be able to help the elderly with these simple things that are fun to see after they are done. We had dinner with the Scerbo family. Sister Scerbo is over the family history center and is working a lot with the members to help them do their family history. She gave us a booklet that is published by the church to help member have a spot to write down stories and their family stories. She wants us to give this book out to help families learn about the importance of families.

Friday we were able to see different families and less active members and remind them what was happening this weekend and the importance of watching and hearing the prophet words. This was a very good day. This night we had a big storm come in and brought with it lots of rain and wind.  We are getting nice weather out here in Topeka.

Saturday and Sunday was conference. We were able to watch it at Brother Homewood’s house. The Spanish Elders came over also to watch it with us. For the priesthood section we went to the Jewell building, they had Ice Cream for us after. Conference was very wonderful, to learn the thing we need to do in our life.

Hope all of you are doing great and had a fun time this last week. Hope fall break will be fun and relaxing. Thanks for every thing. 

Love Elder Andrew J Allen

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