Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept 30, 2013

I am staying in Topeka Kansas for another 6 weeks. This is going to be fun because I am getting to know the ward very well.  I am still with Elder Corvalan in the Lake Shawnee ward.

Monday was disk golf and shopping. 

Tuesday was zoo service then exchanges with Elder Every. Elder Corvalan went with our district leader so that put me with Elder Every. Elder Every has been out for 6 weeks and is a great missionary. That night we were planed to eat with our ward missionary leader at 6 pm. At 5:30 he told us that the network was down at the new Mars plant. He would be coming late home. It ended being 8:15 pm before he came home. That was a late dinner.

Wednesday was a day of teaching and finding new investigators for us to teach. We found a family that is willing to meet with us. This Mundy Family has 5 children and a father that is not a member of the church. 

Thursday we were dropped off down south in our area. Our ward mission leader has a bike rack and was able to take time out of his day and take us 30 miles down south so we could work the smaller towns of people.  This put us in a area that I have not had the opportunity to work before. We found out that there is a lot of members that are less active because of the drive that it takes to come up to Topeka. We told them if they would come to church and many others that we would be able to start a branch down south. Hopefully they will come to church in two Sundays.

Friday was final call in conference for all missionaries that have been out for 12 weeks. This call was going to be at 12:30. This put district meeting at 2:00 pm because of the call. It ended up that the call did not happen because President Bell had to be somewhere. We did not find this out until we were on the call for ten minuets. That was a fun day having district meeting late for a conference call that did not happen.

Saturday was day of finding less active and new investigators. Lots of walking and talking to people I have not got the opportunity to talk to before. Lots of hard work in this ward this last week. I am loving staying with Brother Homewood and getting to talk to him about what he has leaned through out his life. This ward is dong lots to help find people for us to teach.

This Last Friday I meet a Sister Call that is serving in Manhattan. I went up an asked her were she was from, she told me that she moved from Arizona when she was young a she was related to a Dennis & Diane Call in Mesa Arizona. I then told her that they were in my ward back home. This is fun to meet people that know people from back home.

Love Elder Andrew J Allen

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