Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sept 2, 2013

This week has been slow but have seen many people and been able to find new investigators.

Monday P-day went shopping and had a fun time playing volleyball and Basketball.

Tuesday we went to the Zoo. We were working on cleaning up the zoo because the big sponsors were coming on Friday to see what their money was going to help. Was able to work up next to the lion this week. Rick, the Zoo plant worker, really likes me because I am able to do everything and he can trust me with any project and I will get it done right. This is very nice to be given hard projects and have trust that I will not do it wrong.

Wednesday -The district Leaders has a meeting down in Manhattan. All of the companions of these district leaders were told to work in the Lake Shawnee area. That meant that Elder Corvalan and I had to take these Elders out have them work with us. The two Elders that came to our area had only been out for 8 days. That meant that we had to split and both take one of them into our area, this was lots of practice because I was the senor companion for the day. That meant also that we went to our dinner together and worked the whole day together.

Thursday was day of walking because my companion does not have bike. On the transfer bus there was not a lot of space because of the amount of people so they left bikes in the church building. That next day the ap's drove the truck up and took the bikes to the mission home. Then the mission home gave the bikes to the Zone Leaders when they came down on Saturday the 30th. Then finally today the Zone Leaders brought it to our apartment.

Friday was district meeting. Our district is only 3 companionships. Elder Owens is the district leader and had his appendicitis removed last Wednesday. He is only able to drive, not bike or walk more the a .25 of a mile in a hour.

Saturday was moving a family in our ward. The Thompson family was moving 1 mile in our ward. They asked us to help them and we went over and helped for 4 hours and was able to talk to their less active and non member Friends. That was fun to be in service clothing for a long time.

Sunday The Church building was hot. It was 85 in the chapel because the AC unit was not working. Also the building’s other AC unit was not cooling good but it was working.

This was a fun week hope you all are doing good. Have fun

Love Elder Andrew Allen

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