Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept 16, 2013

This week has been very fun. Lots of work with the members and Melody.

Monday was P-day played dodge ball in the gym at the church building.

Tuesday was zoo service. Planted trees and bushes and flowers. Rick had an idea to create a butterfly garden at the zoo, to have a Butterflies grow and multiply at the zoo. Then we were able to pet a Coati in the back of the zoo.

Wednesday work with the members in Montara. Dinner with Ray Homewood, The member we stay with.

Thursday Drove to Oakline and tried different less active and old investigators.

Friday Zone Training with the zone. Every missionary came to Topeka from Emporia and Lowrance. We talked about the new changes in transfers and new rules of the mission. We now do not have a suit season in the mission now.
Each Transfers now we are asked to give out 40 Books of Mormons in our area.

Saturday Brother Matt Davis asked us to help him move his neighbors because they asked for help. This family that we help move was moving out of state. Dave is the father of the household and loved our help. This family all smoked and drank but not when we were helping them. The funny thing Brother Davis and us two missionaries did more to move than the Friends of Dave's. His Friends were all ways in the back yard smoking or drinking or both. When we were done they were so happy that we came over to help. We hope that they will remember this event and one day when they are looking for a new church they will try the LDS church because of the two lds missionaries. This move was from 9:00 am to about 2:30 PM. Then we had Lunch. Then we were helping do service for the Davis family because they were also feeding us dinner at 5:00 pm. They live out of town about 25 miles.  We help hang some drywall and then cut the lawn and do diffident small projects around their property. Had a new friend the Pig.  I got to feed him two times and also hold him while he slept. Lots of fun. He is 2 Weeks old.  Very small. (See Picture)

Sunday church. Had wonder full church. Talks were about family history, new changes to the stake’s view of Youth and adults doing family history. Lots of meetings and also driving to dinner and from dinner.

Monday P-day. Disk Golf and shopping.

This week we were able to see Melody and have a lesson with her. She still does not want to come to church because she is all ways doing some thing and has her own church. She has not received an answer about what she has read because she is not willing to come to church and meet with us each week. We might have to drop her because she is not progressing.

This week is our car week. It is very nice to drive the car; I drove 290 miles in this last week. The car also had to be repaired this week on Friday. They replaced a Timing Cylinder.   That helped with MPG in the car. Car drives lots better after the repair.

Have fun this next week. Thanks for everything.

Love Elder Andrew Allen

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