Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept 23, 2013

Hi Family this week has been very fun and nice.

Monday was p-day. We were able to email and go shopping then we played basketball. Basketball is nice because of my height; I can get the ball and pass it to the others on my team. We also played volleyball because there were 6 sisters here from our zone at the stake center. The sisters do not always come to the building because of the drive and the amount of sister that are close to the church building. 

Tuesday was the day of rain. From about 6:30 to 12:30 it was raining very hard. The nice thing about rain in the morning is we have study time till 11:30 then lunch at 12:00 for a hour. This also cancelled our zoo service because of the rain in the park. Rick told us "I do not have 8 boats at the zoo to hold all of you because the amount of rain there is". The funny thing is that we are not able to be on a boat on our mission. We then had to help with the bishop food store and delivery. The Truck of food ended up coming to the Jewell building two hours late because of the rainstorm and traffic. This made us stuck at the building for more time until we were able to get the food and then separate it out for the family. Then we were able to then finally go out and see Melody Mills with our ward missionary leader Brother Scerbo. Melody is still not having much progress and is not coming to church. We might drop her because of the amount of effort that she has in the Gospel this time in her life.

Brother Homewood - I live in his home
Wednesday we went up to Lawrence. Elder Corvalan had a doctor’s appointment for his finger. They told him that it was healed up all the way but to be careful with it. Then we went on splits with the elders that serve in Lawrence.  I was with Elder Henriod for the afternoon. Then had the drive home late after dinner up in Lawrence.

Thursday was interviews. President Bell took so long to get all of the Interviews done.  It took 4 more hour longer till the last one was interviews than planned. President Bell told me that it was 95% that I would stay in Lake Shawnee for 6 more weeks.

Friday we worked out in the small towns. It was nice to be able to bike the whole town and bike to see people I have not got to meet before.  Today we had about 12 different lessons to less active members.

Saturday was weekly planning and a baptism in the Spanish branch. The Baptism was in English and Spanish and there was no hot water. Lots of fun trying to heat the water and get it to the font.

Sunday was church and meetings. 

This week has been very fun and I have been able to go on splits several times this week with other Elders  and get to know many more that serve in Topeka.

Thanks for every thing.

Love Elder Andrew Allen

Cool car a member took us for a ride in

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