Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 9, 2013

This week has been very hard. We have not had the car for two weeks so we have been stuck in Montera. Montera is a small group of houses. These houses were base houses for the Army. The Army finally sold them to the city.  These houses are very small and all the same. Because the houses were base houses they are about 7 miles away from the heart land of Topeka. This week we have go through the area book and tried every one many times and had little profit. We have one new investigator that is meting with us.

Jerry is our new investigator. He has read out of the Book of Mormon. He has two children and a wife they are all African American. They are a loving family and want to have us come over to teach them.

Melody Mills is not doing so good. She has not been able to meet with us this last two weeks. I think that she got a new job and has weird hours. She  is still reading out of the Book of Mormon. She still has not come to church but she has had more progress this last 18 weeks than the last 6 years.  Last night we ate with the Hollingsworth family. Brother Hollingsworth was the ward missionary leader back 5 years ago and still remembers Melody and the sister that found her.

Roy and Jody are having trouble. This family has not been able to have us come over have a lesson with them because there is always some thing going on.

This week the membership clerk took us out to try many family and single people that we have not heard from and we think have moved.  This day we found out that 15 people on the ward roster had moved or died. That is a lot of people.
The ward is trying to clean up the ward roster because 80% of the people on it don't come to church and have moved or died.

Our ward missionary leader got back from a 9 day trip up to Mars in Hackettstown in New Jersey. Mars sends him to all the plants to help and learn about all the new stuff. This week he brought back a box of boxed chocolate. In each box there is one candy bar of all the different flavors and brands of mars candy. The Mars plant out here in Topeka is still under construction. This is the second plant in the USA for mars because of the regulations and rules that the government puts on candy factory.

The weather in Mesa is lots better then Topeka. This last week the heat index has been above 100 degrees all week. We have not had the car for that time.

Thanks for every thing. I love you all hope every one is having fun with school.

Love Elder Andrew Allen

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