Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Hello Family
This last week has been fun.
Monday P-day and also was packing up the apartment and Elder Packs stuff and my stuff.

Tuesday, Work at the zoo. We help move rocks and trim trees and bushes. I was able to drive the golf cart many different times to back of the zoo through different Employees gates and in different animals cages. That night we moved all of my stuff and the apartment stuff to Brother Homewood’s House and did not get home till 11:00 pm.

Wednesday was transfers in Emporia.  Elder Pack drove down to Emporia. Emporia is about an hour and half drive from Topeka. Made it in Emporia at 9:15 am. The school bus was late by an hour to the Emporia chapel. Because Elder Pack left I had to stay in Emporia until Elder Corvalan came from the Colorado side of the mission. The bus was scheduled to arrive back at the Emporia Building at 5:30 PM but it did not. The bus finally came about 9:45 PM. This was 4 Hours late, the Bus driver got lost several times and took an hour stop to find were she was. In Emporia for those 12 hours, I help the missionary and ate food and we missionary's played Volleyball with 4 ward member in the building.  There were 6 elders and 2 sisters that were all stuck in Emporia for that time.
When the School bus finally came it was very dark. We had to unload the entire bus because all of the stuff was mixed up and going to the different missionaries in the Topeka area. The school Bus finally left the Emporia area at 11:00 pm. This is when I found out that Elder Colvalan my new companion could not drive because he does not have a US passport or drivers license. This meant that I had to drive home. The AP Elder Taylor gave me permission to drive home because I can drive and I know how to get home.  Because I know Topeka the best out of all the missionaries that were coming up from Emporia to Topeka I had to drive them all to their homes before I was able to drive to Brother Homewood’s house. This was a long trip, driving to 4 different apartments and helping them get into their apartment. Finally at 1 AM we finally drove into Brother Homewood’s Drive Way. That was one long Day.

Thursday we had to unpack every thing and put together the room and beds. Unpacking took us about 4 hours and then after that we had to plan for our next week. We were stuck in our apartment at Brother Homewood’s until 5:30 PM.

Friday I had to drive my companion to the hospital because the need to schedule doctors appointment because he brook his finger playing football. That is why Elder Covalan came to Topeka because of the hospitals in Topeka.  Then we had lunch and then went out to work. That night we went out to eat with the Thompson Family to this restaurant, Collage Hill Pizza Pub.  That was some good Pizza in Topeka but not as good a Glory Days Pizza. Saturday Brother Homewood told us that the Pizza place we went to got robbed that night. I am glade that we were not there when it got robbed.

Saturday lots of trying different people and visiting different investigators. Melody Mills is still planning to be baptized on September 14th. Husky are still having trouble with the law because of their older son so we were not able to have a lesson with them.

Sunday was church and meeting and different visits to ward members.

This week has been fun because I am now able to drive the mission car and have a new companion and apartment.

Elder Colvalon is from South Jordon Utah but was born in Argentina. He was called to the Colorado Springs mission and was adopted into the Kansas Wichita mission. He has been out for one year and has a broken finger. He was called Spanish speaking but is in an English ward.

Brother Homewood is an old man in the ward. He is 85 and still doing great. He walks 4 Miles each day and still has time and energy to do other activities. The missionaries now live with him and he loves it. He loves to tell us different stories about his days in the air force. He has a small cat that does not like me but I OK with that. In Brother Homewood’s house we only have 2 rooms to our self but it is nice to live with a member.

Have a good week and keep out of trouble

Love Elder Andrew J Allen

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