Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

This last week has been interesting,
Monday was P-day, played Disk Golf
Tuesday was service at the zoo, Planted Tobacco plants (see image) and trimmed in the Bear cage.
Wednesday was Topeka and Manhattan zone conference.
Thursday told that Lake Shawnee Elders had to move that is us and had dinner with our apartment host, Sister Long.
Friday, Day of tracking and walking to different ward members.
Saturday moving a ward member and ward missionary leader meeting
Sunday was church which included ward counsel and visiting less active members

This week we taught Melody and Roy and Jody. Melody is doing great with reading the Book of Mormon but she is not Praying for a answer about the truth of Joseph Smith and the  Book of Mormon. This week we talked about the importance of praying with real intent and doing every thing to gain an answer. Coming to church and praying before and after reading and pondering what you read. Roy and Jody are a new family that has had the first 2 lessons and are loving what the church has brought to there life. They are trying to stop Smoking and have their son turning himself in to the Government. He has been on the run for 4 months and local police are staking out there house. Roy and Jody do not like the influence and wordiness of their son at their home. There son finally turned him self in on Saturday and their life is doing great.

On Saturday we had no dinner appointment and we were thinking that we would have to cook our own food after a Sunday. In ward counsel we sent our dinner calendar around and had a few people sign up for other days in the week but not for Sunday. Then Sister Brost came up to us and told us that she prepared for dinner for her family. They are going to have pork and her packages of pork had 8 pieces and her family only needed 6 of them. Before church she wondering what she going to do rest of pork but when she saw we did not have a dinner that was her answer.

This week we are moving back into our area. We are now going to live with Brother Homewood. This move is happening with transfers on August 20th. If you can send all mail to the mission home until I can get the new address. The Colly Creak ward is getting double covered this next transfer. Because we live in a members home in Colly Creak they will use our home for the new missionary’s coming in. That leaves us leaving in our own area. Within the next few Transfers all of the wards in the Kansas Wichita mission will have two sets of Elders or Sisters.

Thanks for all the letters and postcards.

Love Elder Andrew Allen

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