Sunday, August 11, 2013

July 5, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Last night was a late night full of a movie and fireworks.
This week was great. I have been here at the MTC for 10 Days. The food is OK some days and great others. The nice thing is there are many choices to chose from. This last Sunday was a long day because Benjamin and Elder Smart and I had to be out the door a 7.00 AM to eat so after sacrament meeting we could stay for branch counsel.  If you had not heard I am a zone Leader. I thought Church that started an 8:30 AM was early but 8:00 AM is when we have Sacrament. On Wednesday our Branch and Zone Received 21 new Missionaries. These new Missionaries are going to California and Georgia. Elder Smart and I have to answer all their questions and help them. Our Branch here at the MTC grew from 25 members to 39 members.

This week has been long and lots of study. Each day our class has about 7 hours of class and 2-3 hours of personal and companion study time. During this time we can only study out of the Preach My Gospel and Scriptures and the MTC study Guide. There is a lot of time in our classroom during the week. In the MTC my teachers are Brother Wynn and Tunner, volunteers come in and play like an investigators they were or know. These Volunteers are seen by many sets of missionaries. I have two investigators Elder Smart and I teach. The first is Randy and he is ready out of the Book of Mormon and loves every thing we teach him.  The second is Dave(Brother Tunner) and he is very interested in what we have to teach but we can only have the baptism after he gets out of his house arrest and is cleared from the prison.

Last night we had a devotional that was about a branch president and his son in law and how he died to protect our country and the respect of the army to his Friends and family. Then we as the MTC watched a movie, The 17 miracles. This was a funny and sad movie. The movie ended at 10:20 PM, and we were able to go out side and view the BYU fireworks and have ice cream. This week has been very fun and spiritual. Benjamin and I have seen lots of people at the MTC that we know, like Brent Hakes, Brooklyn, Gabe from our stake, Blake Stone, Tanner and Keith from School and also Aaron Moffit from Easter pageant angles.

Love Elder Andrew Allen. 

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