Sunday, August 11, 2013

July 22, 2013

Today has been fun. Our zone, Elders went and played Frisbee Golf this morning. I was OK for the first time I got 21 over par out of 15 holes. There is a member that takes us and has the Frisbees that we use.

This week has been fun but very slow. We share a car with two elders, Elder Tubbs and Allen. They had the car this week. That leaves us to get rides or walk or bus. Last Saturday we found a member with bike that he was going to sell. I got it for $20 and it works good but need work on the back tire because it is does not have a good tire. That is why we walk and get rides from members.

Working at the Zoo is fun. Every week on Tuesday we walk in and help them trim trees, plant trees and remove stuff. This week we took piece of land and planted grass on top of it. This grass grows fast and is nice to work with. See the Photo of the after work. 

Nathanial is our new investigator this week. His friend was baptized 2 months ago. He has a hard time learning if taught fast but he is willing to learn and read the Book of Mormon. We missed him at Church but he has been Reading out of the Book of Mormon this last 4 days. This week we also saw the Melodie Mills. She is a reoccurring investigator. She has meet with missionaries for the last 8 years on and off. She has come to a point in her life that she need to read the Book of Mormon before she meets with the other missionary form the LDS church. This last Sunday she read a total of 12 pages in two days.

In church this week I had to say the closing prayer. We had to teach the 9 years old boys in primary. This class was fun with 8 boys that wanted to talk about video games and not about the lesson. This week the Paz family fed us 3 times this week. We talked to them about missionary work and temples. They have been members for the last 20 years. They are a fun and nice family that likes to have the missionaries over because of the spirit we bring to their house. They have 14 grand children and a set of twins that are two. They look all the doors in the house to keep the twins out of them. They love to help drive the missionaries also.

The ward Missionary leader in the ward is very nice. He helps us every week and loves the missionaries that he has been able to work with. He works for the Mars plant that is in our Area. He works with IT, getting the computers up and running and all of the work Cell phones to the network. He has told us he could take us in and show us the inside of the factory. The make all the candy like M&M, 3 musketeers and lots of chocolate. He gave me a t-shirt and other candy.

Love Elder Andrew J Allen

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