Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 21, 2013

This week has been a lot of service for the members in the Lake Shawnee ward.

Monday was P-day. We had dinner with a sister in the ward that has 2 children. Brother Homewood came with us because it was a Single sister and he did not have plans for dinner. This was a exiting because the children really love the missionaries and love to teach us the lessons.

Tuesday we went to the zoo for service. Because it is turning cold here in Topeka, Rick needed to transplant plants and also do small planting projects. Rick also needed some firewood split for the Saturday boo at the Zoo party. He asked Elder Robinson and I to split the pile of wood for them. This was very fun to do. We were able to split a big part of the pile; we even split more wood than Rick thought we could. After lunch we went to the Jewell building and helped with the bishop storehouse food. This was a good time because we were able to help the family in our ward. Her husband is not a member but is coming to church and also meeting with us. We are working very close with him to get baptized on his son’s 8 birthday and also have his son be baptized.

Wednesday was weekly planning. We had a fun time planning for the different towns to visit this next week. Then we had a productive day with teaching the less active family and the members of our ward. We had 8 lessons that day. Lots of work is being done to help the less actives in our ward and help them come to church. The families out here a beginning to love us and wanting to have us over because of the spirit we bring into their homes each time we visit with them. Had dinner with the Kubie family. The Kubie family has a son on a missionary. Their daughter, that turned 19 in September, received her mission call and is going to the San Fernando mission in California. This family is helping us with people to teach and helping with us with fellowship for the less active members. They truly know what member missionary work is.

Thursday we went to the elderly home to help with crafts. There are 2 members of the Sherwood ward that live there that come to craft time. We have a fun time helping them with the simple projects. This is a small service for us but it is a great thing for them because they cannot do it without us. This evening we went a baptism in the Sherwood ward. This was a wonderful baptism because there were several investigators there. The investigators were very touched by the spirit in the chapel. We also had a flat tire. The tire was flat because of the wear on the tire and how old they are.

Friday was zone training with the zone leaders. We meet at the Jewell building at 8:30 for a 9:00 am meeting. This meeting did not end until 1:15 pm. We did not leave for lunch until about 2 pm because of passing out supplies and mail. After lunch we went and got 4 new tires for the car. The nice thing is that the car has good tires for the snow season. While waiting at the tire shop we were able to talk to the mechanic about the Gospel and about the church. He said he would call us if he ever wanted to learn more. It was raining all day and very cold.   It got to the 30 that night. I am glad to be able to drive.

Saturday we were out working when one of our members called us and asked if we would be able to go to the VA hospital and give his Friend a blessing because he is from Walmego which is about a hour drive from Topeka. We were able to go down and give him a blessing. At the hospital they thought he had an intestine infection and would have to stay at the hospital for 6 weeks. We had to put on the yellow robes. About 40 minutes later he called us and told us that he was being released because all of his test came back negative. This was a remarkable change in his life from being told he be there for 6 weeks to being released from the hospital.

Sunday we had a ward correlation meeting with Brother Scerbo, which is the ward missionary leader, and Brother Davis from Elders Quorum and Sister Clark from Primary and Sister Hit from Relief Society. We were able to talk about the members of the ward and which ones we would like to work with as a ward. At the end of the meeting we had a list of 10 people that Each Quorum is going to work with and help come to church. The Downs family did come to church and stayed for all 3 hours of church. The Downs family is really liking church and the fellowship of the ward. We then had dinner with the Scerbo Family because it was their son’s birthday. Lots of fun this Sunday.

This week has been very cold but nice weather. I am still doing well and having fun out here in Topeka Kansas.

Love Elder Andrew J Allen

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