Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb. 3, 2014

This week was Great. I was able to go to the Temple and have a wonderful week. And I am moving to Great Bend, Kansas. I am looking forward to the new area. I will miss all the people I have met in the Lake Shawnee ward but I know the Lord has a plan for me in the Great Bend Area. I hope all goes well with the transfer.

Monday was a half p-day. We emailed and went shopping and did laundry.  Then we had dinner with the Gifford family. We were able to talk with Brother Gifford about his work and things that we could do to help the ward. Then we were able to visit the Paz family and the visit with Brother Homewood.

Tuesday we had the opportunity to go to the Kansas City Temple.  This trip started at the Jewell building at 9 am with a travel bus. All of the missionaries in the Topeka stake met in Topeka to ride to Kansas City. This was a full bus of missionaries. When we got to the temple we were allowed to go in and get clothing.  Then we changed and waited in the chapel. The Temple President and his wife talked to us about remembering our Temple Covenants and how we need to have the Temple in our life. They said we can do this by going to the temple often and reflect on the Temple and the impact it has in our life. This was great to reflect about the Temple and how important it is in our life. Then after the Temple we went to the Stake Center by the temple to have lunch. Then we got on the bus to travel back to Topeka. Then we had dinner with the Scerbos.  Then had a lesson with the Downs family. 
Topeka Zone at the Kansas City Temple
Wednesday we had zoo service. Rick moved zoo service to Wednesday because the Temple. We trimmed tree in the rain forest. Then Rick took us  Missionaries out to lunch. We went to a Coyote canyon Which is a all you can eat. This was very fun to have a lunch with rick and the other missionaries. Then we helped Brother Homewood on his kitchen with his phone line and drywall. Then we had dinner with the buntings. 

Thursday we went with Brother Homewood out to visit Sister Kuhn. Then we went out to eat.  Elder Arend and I went out to try less actives and member in Montara.  Then had dinner and had fun.

Friday we had district meeting.  Elder Arend went with the zone Leaders to a district meeting up in Lawrence.  So I went with the Kaw Valley Elders until dinner. We then had dinner with the Clydes and the Brandon Davis family. Then we saw the Paz family. 

Saturday we had snow. We got up at 6 am because Elder Arend had to go down to Wichita for a training meeting. He left with 2 other Elders from Topeka at 7:30 am.  So I was with Brother Homewood and Matt Davis for the Day. Went to Matt Davis’s house to help with his wood flooring and fix his wall. Elder Arend got back about 5pm and then had dinner with the Davis Family.

Sunday we had church. This was my last Fast Sunday in the Lake Shawnee Ward. Then we had nothing to do after church because of the football game. We ended up doing weekly planning. Then had dinner with the Scerbos and had a great night.

This next week is transfer. I am going to be transferred to Great Bend Kansas. Thanks for all the mail. For this next week you can mail every thing to the Mission Office.

Elder Andrew J Allen
Kansas Wichita Mission
7011 E 13th St North
Wichita, Kansas 67402

Thanks for Every thing. This week the Temple truly help me because of the great time I had with all the missionaries in the Temple. 

Love Elder Andrew Allen.

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