Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 24, 2014

This week was great. We had lots of lessons and lots of time riding in the car.

Monday we had a fun time at the library and at home talking and getting to know the other Elders in Great Bend. We also had dinner with Brother Schwinn out in Hoisington.

Tuesday we had a special zone training in Salina. President and the aps came and taught us how to use the pamphlets and how we need to help our investigators progress to baptism This was nice to see President Bell and also talk to him about what we need to do to help us in our area. This was a great meeting. Then after this meeting we were dropped off in Holyrood, Kansas. We has dinner with the Langston family and we were dropped off there and had 4 hours of tracking before dinner. This was great to see a town of 700 people. Then after dinner we had Spanish class. Brandon Trevino and Brother Rea both came to the Spanish class.  

Wednesday we had weekly planning and studies.  Then we went to the trailer park in Great Bend to have a lesson with our investor Sam. We found out that Sam was kicked out from the members that he was living with because of legal issues between the families. We don't know if Sam is in town or not. Then we went over to the Trevino house to have a lesson with Brandon Trevino. Then we had a pancake-cooking contest for dinner. Elder Farnsworth and Sister Siefkes. They both cooked pancakes and we had two judges Sister McCowan  and Alicia Carlton. This was a fun dinner.

Thursday we went out to Ponyrock and visited the members. We also were able to look around Sister McCowan antique shop. We spent the most of the day talking to people out there in Ponyrock. Then we had dinner with the Thomas family. They fed us Chinese food. Then we had to move their new washer and drier down to the basement.

Friday we had time to visit people the other elders met when they were in the area. We had little luck getting into peoples houses. We then had dinner with Brother Rea. Brother Rea is a less active that we have been work with to help him come to church.

Saturday we were able to go to Lyons. This is a small town were our bishop and ward mission leader live. We spent the day with Brother Berkheimer our WML. We were able to see 5 families and talk to them and get to know them. Then we had dinner with the Berkheimers. Then Brother Berkheimer drove us back to Great Bend.

Sunday we had church and meetings. We had only one investor at church and he was with the Spanish Elders.  We had about 75 people at church this Sunday. Then we were able to visit with Jennifer Trevino and family. Then we had dinner with the Sheffields. They had a fun game that Elder Nelson and Elder Acosta played. In the end they both got wet with water. 

This week had been great. I am starting to know more members in the ward and having fun traveling to the small towns that we cover.  I am loving the new ward and area. Hope all of you can get better.

Elder Andrew J Allen.

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