Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

These last few days have been cold. It is about 15 outside and -20 with the wind chill. There has been 3 in of snow in the last 2 days. It has been really cold the last few days in Great Bend.

Monday we had P-day. We spent the time Emailing and playing games and shopping. Then Elder Nelson and I went to visit with Brother Rea. We had a great lesson on the Mormon Battalion.

Tuesday we had District Meeting. Sister McCowan was able to drive us out to Hays. We left our house at 9 am to drive to Sister McCowan’s house. At District Meeting we talked about using the members we have in our wards to help us in our work. We have members that can drive us and go out on team ups and also help fellowship with our Investigators. This was a great District Meeting. Then Sister McCowan took us out to lunch. Then we made the trip to Great Bend / Pony Rock.  We got back to Great Bend about 4:45. We had 15 min before Brother McMillan came to pick us up at The Spanish elder’s house.  Then we had dinner with the McMillans. After dinner we had Spanish class for any members of the ward. No one came but we still had it with the McMillans. Then we had cake and left Larned to go home.

Wednesday we had weekly planning. Then after weekly planning we went out to see our investigators. We tried to find Sam but no luck. We were not able to get into the Trevino to talk with Brandon because they were not feeling well.  We then had dinner with the other Trevino family. Jennifer Trevino, her family, grandma and us all went out to eat at Apple Bees for Grandma Trevino birthday.

Thursday we biked all around town. It was very nice day to bike. It was in about 40 outside. We then talked to Brandon and his aunt Christina Trevino.
Brandon is a less active staying with his aunt’s house for about half a year to see his grandma and have time with his relatives.  We then went to find Sam again at the trailer park in town. We finally found out what trailer he was in but he was sick. We were happy that we found him. Then we had dinner with the Perez family in Larned.

Friday we also road our bikes. We were able to see a lot of less actives and recent  investigators.   We were also having Brother Robinson from the ward come with us to visit his sister and wife which are not members. We had a great lesson about temples with Sister Robinson. Then we had dinner with the Spanish elders at Subway. Then we were called by one of our investigators to come to his church and be in their study group. We talked about faith and how we can gain this faith in our life. This was a great group of kids at church talking about the gospel on a Friday night.

Saturday we went to Lyons. Brother Berkheimer came and got us and also went with us to Bishop Bates house to have a lesson and get cupcakes for Elder Acosta Birthday.  Then we went tracting to less actives and recent  investigators but no one let us in.  It was very cold and snow was falling. After 3 hours we then went to dinner with the MacArthurs. Then Brother Berkheimer took us home.

Sunday we had no church. They canceled church because the icy roads and the snow.  It was Elder Acosta Birthday. Spent most of the day in side because it was 0 out side with a wind chill of -30. We were able to see Sam but we learned that he is moving back to Iowa to be with his family.
Elder Acosta and Elder Farnsworth

This week has been long and fun. We had nice days at the first the cold day and snow at the end. Hope all of you are safe and warm. Thanks for every thing.

Love Elder Andrew Allen

The first picture is the 2014  Ford Fusion and snow.
The second is Elder Farnsworth and Acosta

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