Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

This week has been fun. Survived an armed shooting in Great Bend. Had interviews with President Bell and had 2 investigators at church.

Monday we had p-day. Emailed and shopped and washed the car. Then we had a lesson with Jenifer Trevino’s Family.

Tuesday we had weekly planning.  Then after weekly planning we went to visit with Brandon and Jr Trevino. We played ball with them and talked about the Book of Mormon. Then we went to follow up with Jenifer Trevino and family.
Then we had dinner with the Solies Family at the church.

Wednesday we had interviews with President Bell in Salina. We left Great Bend at 7:30 am and got to the church building in Salina about 9 am.  We had training by Elder Neeley about working with the unbaptized Youth and Part Member Families. Then President Bell interviewed all of the missionaries in the Flint Hills Zone. This was great to talk to President about the area and how I was. I learned a lot about why I am in Great Bend and how I can help Elder Nelson and the other missionaries in the district. We finally got back to Great Bend at 6 pm. We then had a dessert contest at the Siefkes. I made peanut-butter cookies.

Thursday we had a lot of biking. We had a lot of appointments cancel on us. We were able to see old investigators and referrals. Then we had dinner with the Brother Schwinn in Hoisington. 

Friday we had less luck with our appointments. We saw Brandon Trevino and Cristina and Crystal. Cristina is a member but has not come to church in the last few years. Crystal is her friend and is not a member. She has been reading and studying the Book of Mormon.

Saturday we helped the Shelfield family move 2 miles down the street. This was a nice move. They had every thing ready and coordinated with the ward to have several trucks there to help. There was lots of manpower and lots of space. We then went to Lyons and had several lessons. The Berkhimers feed us dinner.

Sunday we had church.  We had 2 investigators at church and several less active at church. Brandon and Christina and Crystal all came to church. This was great time because they stayed the whole time. They learned a lot and felt the spirit. After Church we had studies and updated our area book. Then we went had dinner with the Spanish Elders.  Then we went to Jenifer Trevino and followed up on their reading.

Then Monday, today, about 7:30 am in Great Bend, Kansas there were 3 shots fired. This was out side our apartment. Elder Nelson and I did not think any thing about it. Then at 10 am when we went out to our car we found that our car was shot. This round would have gone into the window of our bedroom if we did not have the car. The trunk of the 2014 Ford Fusion now has a hole through the wheel well. We had to call the police and have them come and fill out a report. They then found the two other shots. One hit another car and the other hit the neighbor’s door. They have not found the shooter yet but no one got hurt in this incident. Thanks for all the prayers.

Elder Andrew J Allen.

PS can I have another pair of the shoes sent to me in Great Bend Kansas. and Happy Birthday Mom.

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