Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

This week has been long. Everyone we were teaching except 2 families has dropped us. We were sick and had exchanges.

Monday we had p-day. Then we went over to the Sheffields for dinner. After dinner the family and us missionaries played a few games. All of these games involved a missionary getting wet. Elder Acosta and Elder Grow both got wet. We all had fun.

Tuesday Elder Nelson and I got up in the night and were both sick. We got food poisoning. This was a long day. Only Elder Nelson and I got sick. The Spanish Elders and the Sheffields were all healthy all day. We stayed in bed all day and even attended district meeting through a conference call.
Elder Allen

Elder Nelson

Wednesday we were lots better. Elder Nelson was a not a 100 present better but able to go out and work. We were able to see several referrals and have a lesson with Jenifer Trevino’s family and have dinner at the Siefkes. The Spanish Elders we late to their house but we had a great time because this was our first big meal in 48 hours. Then after Dinner we went over to Cristina and Christal house for a lesson. We taught them about how to be truly converted to the Jesus Christ and following the commandments.

Thursday we had weekly planning.  After weekly planning we were able to have a lesson with Brandon and Jr. Then we had dinner and went out to find few less actives in the ward.

Friday we went on exchanges with our district leaders. I went up to Hays with Elder Gonzalez. Elder Nelson went with Elder Jacobson in Great Bend. In Hays we went and meet lots of members and less active members.

Saturday we exchanged back. Elder Nelson and I went on visiting less actives and having member motivation lessons. We meet some less actives that are so against the church they were not happy we know were they lived and even stopped by.

Sunday we had a fast Sunday and 5th Sunday all in one Sunday. We had 2 investigators at church and a lunch after church. This was a great Sunday. We also had a chance to talk with Bishop about the ward and what he would like us to do to help the members of the ward. We talked about helping the members build their faith so they can have a strong foundation in the gospel. We came up with 3 things members can do. First is family and personal scripture study. Second is praying as a family and personal. The final thing they need to do is go to church each week.

I hop all of you are doing great. I love each of you. Thanks for all the prayers and all the mail. Thanks for every thing. Hope all of you remember to read the Book of Mormon and pray and go to church.

Elder Andrew J Allen

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