Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

This week was great. I was able to watch general with a less active family and investigators.

Monday we had P-day. We played games and also emailed. We had dinner at Sister McCowan. Sister McCowan had a great meal prepared for us to have. After dinner we had a lesson with Lin Smith. Lin Smith came to church a few weeks ago and this was the first time we were able to have a lesson with her. Lin’s brother, in Colorado, is a member and asked us to start to teach her.  When we got to Lin Smith’s house with Sister Siefkes she asked for us to come back on Wednesday.

Tuesday we had time to work with several less actives and meet several nonmembers.  We meet with Chris Smokes a less active that is related to the Trevinos in our ward.  He is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was visiting his family for a few days before his court date to get his girl back. Elder Nelson told him that if he would read and pray for the next few day before his court he would get his daughter back.  We had dinner with the Thomas family. After dinner we had a lesson with Cristal, Cristina and Brandon we talked about how we can build faith by reading and praying and Church attendance.

Wednesday we had weekly planning and then a lesson with Lin Smith. This lesson went wonderful because Lin already believes some of what we taught but she promised to read and pray. Sister Siefkes also helped a lot because they knew each other from nursing school. Then the Phillips brought dinner to the church for us. After dinner we had a lesson with Cristal, Cristina and Brandon.  We talked about the Word of Wisdom. This was a great and difficult lesson because it does not have weed in the Word of Wisdom.

Thursday we knocked a lot of doors and not a lot of people wanted to talk. We also had lots of lessons with less actives and members. During the day we got a call from Chris telling us that he was going to get his daughter back in a week. It was nice to hear that he did what he needed to do so he could get his daughter back.  We then had dinner with the Hudsons. They live in Pony Rock, Kansas. Brother Hudson showed us all of his air soft guns and equipment. Brother Hudson has his own Air Soft field and Game field.

Friday we had a meeting in Salina for Zone training. Sister Douglas drove us up to Salina and back. During this meeting we were trained on using Church tours and using the CPR plan for less actives. This CPR plan helps members build their faith and knowledge about the gospel. The First Step is to read the Book of Mormon. Second is to Pray about it and before each reading time. Final step is to come to church.  This was a great Training. Then we had dinner with the Sheffield. About 2 weeks ago we had a water blowing hair challenge with them and Elder Grow lost. So this time we wanted to get them back.  Elder Grow was in Hays for the day so Elder Gonzalez was with Elder Acosta. Before Dinner we told Elder Gonzalez how to play and how to get Aliva back. It was great to see Alivia wet with water.

Saturday we went over to Cristal, Cristina and Brandon to watch General Conference. Every one had a Question before we started. So we spent both sessions with them on Saturday. Then we went to the church for the priesthood BBQ before the last session on Saturday.

Sunday we went back to Cristal, Cristina and Brandon’s to watch General Conference. We had a great time and were able to see our Question answered by the speakers. All of them loved to hear conference. Then after dinner we went to The Soile family. They live in Saint John. This is about a 30 minute trip from Great Bend. At the Soiles house we had a fun time looking in their Tornado shelter.
Brother Solie

Tornado Shelter

Thanks for all the Emails and mail. I hope all of you are doing great and are not sick. Thanks for every thing. I hope all of you can apply something you learned from conference to you life.
Elder Andrew Allen

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