Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

This week was great.

Monday we had P-day. We then had dinner with the Enfield family. We had Family Home Evening with them. We talked a lot about CPR (Church, pray, Read the Book of Mormon) in their life. This was a fun night with them.

Tuesday we had district meeting. After district meeting I went on exchanges with Elder Jacobson.  We stayed in the Hays ward. We did service and had meetings,  dinner and lessons.

Wednesday morning we drove to Rush Center to meet back up with Elder Nelson. Then with Elder Nelson and I went out and did Service and had a lesson with Brandon. Had dinner with the Siefkes. Then after Dinner we had lesson with Cristina and Cristal. We talked about what they read and answered their questions.

Thursday we had weekly planning. After weekly planning we went to the Office Product store and got papers copied and laminated for our ward and us. Then we had time to call all of the referrals we received this week. We had 6 new referrals by Thursday.  In a normal week we might get one but we got 6 in half a week. We then had dinner with the Philips family. They made us cook for this dinner. This was fun because Elder Acosta And Elder Grow both do not know how to cook. Elder Nelson and I had to help them a lot to cook breakfast food. The food turned out good and now one has died from it. After dinner we visited the Jenifer Tervino’s Family. They were not there but we were able then to try other less active families.

Friday we had a fun time working with our less active and investigators. Then we had dinner with the Schied family in St John. It was sister Schied birthday. This was the first time to have dinner with this family. After dinner we were able to stop in with Cristina and Cristal and family and talk about the Book of Mormon and talk about Stake Conference.

Saturday we had Stake Conference. At 11 am we went to visit one of the referrals that we received. His name was Jim Wonsetler. He is friends with Brother Crone in our ward. We taught him and his girlfriend the restoration lesson and invited them to be baptized on May 24th.  They said that they would read and pray this next week. Then we left at 4 PM to drive to Salina. Sister Douglas was able to drive us up to Salina. The Adult session of Stake Conference was about missionary work. Elder Lawrence Spackman from Canada came and talked to us about the importance of using tools we have been given to help us in missionary work. Then At 8 pm we left to drive back to Great Bend. We did not get home till 10pm. There was a storm when we drove home.

Sunday Stake conference stated at 10am. The stake broadcasted it to all of the church building through windows media player. This was nice not to drive back to Salina. Cristina and Cristal and kids came and watch it with us. All of the talks were about missionary work.   

After this we went over to Cristina and Cristal house for lunch and to talk about conference and their reading. We were then able to see the Curtis family and Talk about CPR in their life. They then fed us dinner. We were also able to follow up with the Sheffield family about the commitment we left with them.

Today we were able to teach Seminary today at 6:30 in the morning. There were only 2 students that were able to make it to day. Deiah Curtis and Carter Sheffield.  This was nice to have a small class to teach. We were able to talk about the prophecies in 3rd Nephi.

This week we had a busy week. We received 8 referrals and now have 3 on baptism date of May 24th. Hope all of you have a great Easter Sunday.

Elder Andrew J Allen

Picture of the storm.

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