Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

This week has been great. The Great Bend Ward had a baptism and the Mission President came and visited.

Monday we went over to Brandon and JR’s to play with the soccer ball with them. Then we had dinner with them and Cristina and Cristal.

Tuesday we had district meeting. Brother Voss in the ward was able to drive us up to Hays. District Meeting was long but we were able to talk about the ideas we had to share the video "Because Of Him" Then we got back into town and was able to see a few members and less actives. Then we had dinner again with Cristina and Cristal and family. We then were able to have a lesson with them about Jesus Christ and show the video with the family.

Wednesday President Bell came to Great Bend to Interview Edwardo for Baptism. After the interview President Bell took us four missionaries out to eat for lunch. He took us to Perkins. After lunch we went with the Spanish elders for Weekly planning then he told us that he would also come to ours. But President ended not coming to weekly planning with us because he had to get to Wichita for a meeting. He then told us that he would come to the baptism on Saturday and also work with us on Saturday and stay for our talks on Sunday. I was not looking forward to Sunday because president would be there when I was talking.  We ended up going to teach a lesson with Brandon and JR. After our lesson we played ball with them. Elder Nelson sprained his ankle while playing.

Thursday we ended up doing Weekly planning. After weekly planning All of our appointments ended up falling through. Even our dinner had to bring us dinner because Sister Hudson was called to work.  It was a long day.

Friday we also had a long day. We were able to have dinner with the Sheffield family and show the Because of Him video with them.

Saturday we had a Baptism at 11. Edwardo got baptized.  Lots of the ward members came to the baptism. Even the AP came to the Baptism. We showed the “Because of Him” video between the talks and the baptism.  Every one liked the video.  After the baptism Elder Nelson and I went to Lyons a small town to work with the less actives. We were able to visit Sister Hickling and the Enfield Family.

Sunday was Easter Sunday. In ward council Elder Nelson and I presented the training of working with the ward to pick 5 families and fellowship and work with them for 4 weeks. The ward Council liked the plan that was given to us from Elder Martino of the 70.   Then we had church. Elder Grow And Elder Nelson And I all talked in church. My talk was about CPR (Church Read Prayer) and how it will bless our life. During church we showed the “Because of Him” video to the entire ward. We then had Easter lunch with Cristina and Cristal and Family. Then at 5 we had Easter dinner with the Siefkes. Sister Siefkes even asked us to help her prepare the meal for her.

This week was great.  Hope all of you are doing Great. I love all of you and hope you all had a great Easter.

Love Elder Andrew Allen

A Miracle in Great Bend.
We were visiting a less active in the Great Bend Ward. Their cousin Chris, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was visiting with them for a few weeks. Chris has a daughter that he was working to get from her mother in Tulsa. He had been going to court for the last 4 years to work on getting his daughter back from her mother who is a drug addict. We meet with Chris on Tuesday and talked about reading each night and praying and coming to church would help his life. Elder Nelson felt inspired to tell him if he would read and pray and come to church that he would be able to get his daughter back. On Thursday he left to get down to Tulsa for his court on Friday morning. That Friday night he called his family in Great Bend and was able to thank us and talked to us about his Court hearing. He had be give a week from the Judge before he was able to get his daughter back. During that next we he continued to pray and read and go to church. Chris Finally got his daughter back after 4 years of work. This is cool to see how Chris put his trust in the Lord and was able to get what he wanted. It might not all ways happen this quick but if we put our trust in the Lord but we will always see the blessing in our life.

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