Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

This week has been Great. We have traveled and have had a fun time in the Great Bend Ward.

Monday we had P-day and spent time at the music shop in Great Bend. In the Music shop we played the instruments and had a nice time talking to the owners.

Tuesday Elder Jacobson came down to do exchanges with me in Great Bend. Elder Jacobson and I helped perform a church tour for Judy Harmon and her husband to be Alex. We found Judy last week when we went to her house because of a referral for her Grandmother Judy Stemm.  Judy Harmon takes care of her grandmother and her son Clifford. Judy was very prepared for us to teach. The only thing holding her back is marriage and church attendance. Her husband doesn't care that they have to get married.  Elder Jacobson interviewed Ayanna for baptism and we had dinner with the Trevino family.  We also had lots of finding people to teach.

Wednesday we had a zone specialized training in Salina. Brother Voss was able to drive us up to Salina and back. President Bell and the AP were there to do the training.  During this zone training a missionary, Elder Stopper, dressed up as Fearless Finder super hero. This training was a about finding the people the Lord has prepared for us to teach. President Bell talked about every missionary in Great Bend. Elder Acosta and Grow about their shoes, Elder Howell about him being need in Great Bend and having to get an emergency transferred and Elder Allen (me) for being sleepy in the meeting. This was a fun meeting. Then we had weekly planning and saw Judy and Judy and Alex. Taught them about the Plan of Salvation. The Spanish Elders called to tell us they need a ride because someone stole their bikes and left a broken bike for them. They filed a police report and left the station with the descriptions of the bikes. We had a church service project to clean the inside of the church building and trim the plants outside.
Great Bend Sunset
Thursday we worked in Lyons.  Before we left we were able to visit with the Judys. We taught them about word of wisdom and Law of Chastity. Then we left to Lyons. We visited less actives and found a new investigator and had fun finding people.  The MacArthur and the Berkheimer families were able to feed us.

Friday we were able to work in Larned. Sister Douglas took us out to eat in Great Bend. Then we rode to Lared with Sister Douglas. We helped Sister Douglas with her clothesline. Then we went out walking to contact old investigators and find the prepared people. We tried one family 4 times and every time they told us to come back in 15 min. Every time we went out we found a new investigator during the time we waited. We had dinner with the Heinlein family and then dessert with the McMillans on the way back to Great Bend.

Saturday worked Hoisington. No one talked to us all day. Everyone told us they were cationic and they had already met with missionaries. Then we went and played sports with the Spanish Elders and their investigators.
Wheat field
Sunday we had Church. Ayanna and Crystal and Cristina all came to church. The Judy's were not able to come because Alex was working. Then during the Rest Hymn Janessa MacArthur passed out because her lungs could not get enough air because of her allergies and coughing. Elder Howell, Brother Schied and I carried her out to the car and gave her a blessing. Then we spent time in primary and Young Mens. Then we saw the Judy's. Had dinner with the Carltons out in Larned. They invited the McMillan and a less active family. This was nice dinner.

This was a great week. Thanks for all the mail and prayers. I like all the work Elder Howell and I have been able to do here in the Great Bend Ward.

Elder Andrew Allen.

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