Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct 13, 2014

This week has been fast and lots of excitement.

Monday we to the ENT in Topeka. Had a Zone P-Day in Topeka.  We had lunch as a zone then played volleyball and talked. Then we drove back to Topeka.  Had dinner with Teresa Lewis and her nonmember mom.

Tuesday we had district meeting in Hiawatha. We had great time training on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then we had a district lunch and had time to see some investigators and Less Actives. We saw the Rasmussen and had a lesson with Austin at the Larson’s.

Wednesday we had time to weekly plan and prepare for transfers. Then we were able to see Jamie, a less active with the Sisters and then we had time to see Teresa and her son Blake. Then we had dinner with Sister Meints in Reserve, Kansas. Then we had a lesson with Austin and Tristan.

Thursday we had time to go to the city office building and see if they needed service. Because of all the rain and cold weather they didn't have things for us to do. Then we went to Seneca.  We tracked about half the town. We were able to see Brian and Courtney Carpenter Family. Courtney had time to read from the Book of Mormon and we set a return appointment for Sunday. We were also able to see Allan.  Then we had dinner in Sabbath with the Wheeler Family.  Then we drove home. 

Friday we started out the day in Sabbath at the Hospital for a follow-up visit with the ENT. I still have a hole in the Eardrum but it looks like it is healing. Then we had a Zone Training in Topeka. We were late because of the Appointment in Sabbath. We were able to have training on becoming challenging missionaries and improving our lessons with Active Members.  Then we had lunch. Then we watched the movie “Meet the Mormons.” This was lots of fun but the video was slow because of the church Internet speed. It was great to see other peoples life in other countries than the US. Then we drove home. On the way we saw brother Gibson and then the Bone Family and had a lesson with the Rasmussen family.

Saturday we had time to tract in Falls City and visit Everest, Kansas. In Everest we have the Jessip Family and Sister Niocie. We had diner with the Jessip family and did some service for them. We had a great lesson with them and found out why they were not able to make it to church.  The Carpenters sent us a text message dropping us.   It was very sad to see a family that was very prepared and not want to meet with us. I was hopping that on my mission I would be able to help a family to baptism. 

Sunday we had Fast and testimony meeting. We had a small group this Sunday. It was a great meeting. Then we had branch Counsel after Church. Then we went with President Larson out to the Taylor house. Then we had dinner. We had time to update our area book because Elder Pasquale was sick. 

This week we have had lots of interesting people talk to us. 

1 Guy told us that God is dead.
2 Guy opened up and told us we were wrong. 
3 Lady was Breast-feeding when she opened the door. 
4 Several people sent out their children to talk to us. 
5 Lady drove away when we knocked on her door.

Thank you for all the mail and Emails. I truly miss all of you but know that this is the best place for me right now.  Thanks for everything. 

Elder Andrew Allen

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