Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct 6, 2014

This week has been ok. I have had lots of ear problems and ear pain.

Monday we had time to carve pumpkins with the Hiawatha sisters. Then we started on a piñata for Saturday between sessions in conference. Then we had time to visit a few members in the Hiawatha area.

Tuesday all of our plans cancelled on us. We ended up working in Falls City and not the other small towns, which we had planned.  We had time to see Teresa Lewis and to see other recent converts.  Most of the people we tried were not home. 

Wednesday we had weekly planning. We then went to Seneca to meet with Allan. Allan is blind and has a hard time hearing so it hard to teach him. Then we had dinner with the Larson family and then tried Tristan and Austin. 

Thursday we had a lesson with the sisters in Hiawatha. Ended up having lots of Ear Pain so called the Medical Sister in the mission.  She wanted me to visit a Doctor. Tried to visit the doctor but none were open in Falls City. Then we had time to visit with the Rasmussens.  Had a great lesson about the Word of Wisdom. Then we ended up travailing down to Topeka to spend the night with the zone Leaders before Interviews on Friday. We were not the only ones at the Zone Leaders house. The AP were there. Elder Arend and Elder Ives, both elders I have worked with. This was great to talk and share stories of our missions. 

Friday we left Topeka to go to Lawrence for Interviews with President Bell. Before interviews we stopped in at a minute Clinic in Lawrence to have my Ear seen. Was told to visit an ENT specialist because she didn't know what was wrong.  Ended up Calling the ENT office in Topeka and got an appointment with Brother Barnes on Monday.  Had great time learning from the APs during their training and time with President Bell.  President Bell gave me a priesthood blessing with Elder Budge, One of the Zone leaders, for my Ear Problems. This was very nice of him. Then we had time to travel to Everest, which is on the border between the Kansas Wichita Mission and Missouri Independence Mission, missions. Then we had dinner with brother Gibson in Wetmore, Kansas. Then we traveled home.  

Border between Missions - Hello Elder Benjamin Allen
Saturday we watched General Conference. We ended up going to the Church Building and watching it with the Senior Sisters and The Young Sisters. When we got to the Church Building the Satellite was not working. Ended up calling The Satellite Trouble Desk in Salt Lake to get help. Tried different setting and never got a picture. They said it was a bad Receiver and we need it to get replaced. So we ended up watching conference via a laptop. During the two Sessions we Brook The Piñata and had a great time as a District. Then we went to The Larsons to watch the Priesthood Session .

Sunday we went to the Church Building for the First Session and left for Seneca for the Last Session. We had a lesson with Courtney and her family in Seneca.   Then we watched Conference at The McGiffins with our investigator Allan. Then we had dinner with the Senior Sisters in Hiawatha. 

Today I went to the Doctor in Topeka. Brother Barnes saw me and told me that I have an Ear infection in the inner ear and a perforation in the eardrum and fungus in the outer ear because of the infection coming into the outer ear. Now I am on 4 different antibiotics. I hope I get better soon. 

Thanks for all the Emails and Prayers. I love You all and hope you all have a great Week.

Elder Andrew Allen

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