Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9, 2015

This week the weather has been very interesting, very cold days on Monday and Tuesday and then nice warm days on Saturday. 

Monday we had P-Day and then we had dinner with Brother Simons. He took us out to eat. 

Tuesday we had district meeting. During District meeting we talked about using the questions of the sole to find people with problems. Then we went out to eat as a district.  Then we had d=time to see people before dinner with the Blakes. We were able to give the Blakes 2 copies of the Book of Mormon because they have names of people they want to give them to. 

Wednesday we had time to go to the Sedwick area with brother Van Skiver. We were able to see the Inkelleers and Peggy. Then we had time to start weekly planning and then we saw Sister Berreth with Brother Hunt. Then we had dinner with Wileys. They are both from Canada and all of their kids are Canada citizens. It was cool to talk with them about Canada and how it is different being in Kansas.  

Thursday we finished weekly planning and then had time to visit a few people off of the ward roster. Then we had dinner with the Hunts. I found out that I am related to Brother Hunt. His Hunt line runs through the Hunts in Snowflake and the Mormon Battalion. Then we went on splits with the Hunts. Brother Hunt went with Elder Clay to see Lafe. Caleb came with me to meet a few part member families.  

Friday Elder Clay had a doctor appointment. I was able to talk with few people in the lobby.  Then we were able to see the Petersons. We had dinner with the Petersons. Then we saw Byron and the Mricks. 

Saturday we Zone Training. Then after Zone Training we attended a baptism for the Spanish branch. Then we had district lunch at Keeper of the Plains. Then we saw Jerry and then we had dinner with the Bresses. Then we saw the Hunts because we had an appointment and Brother Hunt was going to come out with us then he canceled 5 min before. Then we saw the Marshall family. 
Keeper of the Plains

Sunday was Church. We had a great Sunday. We had lots of people there. Cora, the sister’s investigator came and now is getting baptized on Saturday. We also had many less actives come to church.  Then we saw Beth and the other Marshall family. Then we had dinner with the Threlkeld family.

This week we have had lots of time to meet new people and have had great weather. Hope all of you are staying safe and warm. 

Elder Allen

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