Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2, 2015

This week we have had great weather and bad weather. 

Monday we had several zones p-day. We watched the Other Side of Heaven and then had fun talking to missionaries in the Newton Zone. Then we had dinner with the Bennetts here in Wichita. With weather about 60 to 70 degreees.

Tuesday we had district meeting. Then we had time to walk around and bike to see people here in Wichita. We were able to bike about 5 miles and then we had dinner at our place before we saw the Marshall family. 

Wednesday we had time to have Weekly planning and we also had time to do service for a lady that lives by a member. We then had dinner with the Brobergs and then we had time to talk with the Sanders family. We also had pie with the Concourses, which are now a new senior couple in our mission office. 

Thursday we were planning on finishing the service but it got to cold outside that she canceled on us. We ended up then having time to see a few former investigators here in the area. Then Elder Clay’s bike tire broke so we ended up get in a ride from a member. We then helped Brother Granthom tape the walls at his dance studio before he painted. Then we had dinner with Downs. Then we walked to the Roath’s house after dinner which about 3 miles and then back to our apartment. 

Friday we had interviews with President Bell. Then we had training by the Aps about the amount of lessons we teach a week. The goal is to have total of 48 lessons a week. This was a great training on using time to the fullest.  Then we had district lunch and then were able to go out and work. We ended up going on exchanges with the district leader. I went with Elder Jorgensen and we tracted and talk to people in our paths. We then had dinner with the Blake family. 

Saturday we had coronation meeting with the Sisters and Brother Cardon, the Ward mission Leader. Then we went out to Pratt for a baptism.  Elder Clay taught him a lesson so we were able to travel an hour for the baptism. It ended up being a 5-hour trip but we were able to see the mission president. Then we had dinner with the Harlochers. They took a picture of us and sent it to our parents. This was lots of fun. It got really cold on Saturday. It was raining and windy all day. 

Sunday it was a very cold day. It snowed during church but it blew all away. Church was great and we had a great lesson in priesthood. Then we had dinner with the Grindstaff family. Then we walked to see a few people. It was very cold. It was about 18 when we left our house after dinner with lots of wind. We ended up getting lost after an hour of walking but were able to find the Barker family and we stopped in to get warm. He ended up giving us a ride home because it was very cold. 

I hope all of you had a great week and are staying warm. Thanks for all the letters and mail. Have a great week. 

Elder Andrew Allen

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