Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 26, 2015

This week has been great. 
Monday was a holiday. We spent time at the west-link building here in Wichita with all of the missionaries.  Then we had dinner with the Barker family then we helped JC Parson move a couch to his house. 
Tuesday we had a full day of contacting people and meeting new people. We had time to also start filling out paper work for our apartment office. Then we had dinner with Brillharts. Then we had time to go out with Brother Hunt. We were not able to see any people with him so we ended up having family scripture study with them as a family.
Elder Clay

Wednesday we had District Meeting. Before district meeting we had district interviews with Elder Hoak. Then after District meeting we were able to see a few of our investigators. Then we had dinner with the Cardons. Then we had time to help clean up after YM and YW.
Thursday we had weekly planning. Then we went over to the apartment office to finish the paper work to live there. Then we went up to Colwich and Andale. These towns are about 8 miles and 12 miles from Wichita. We were able to contact less actives up there. Then we had dinner with the Marshall Family.  Then we had a lesson with Byron but he did not answer when we went by.
Friday we went on exchanges. Elder Hoak came to my ward with me. I went to the doctor for my knee and we were able to have Caleb Hunt, a priest, come out with us for a little bit. We had a great luck with contacting people and having luck with people talking to us. We had dinner with the Van Skiver family. Then we went with Brother Van skiver to see Lafe. This was a great lesson. 
Saturday we went to morning sports at the stake center. We exchanged back after sports. Then we had coronation meeting with the Sisters and Brother Cardon. Then we up to Colwich, Andale and Sedwick. We were able to meet lots of less actives and people that now live in the homes of moved less actives. Then we had dinner with the other Marshall family. Then we had time to see Peterson up in Maize.
Sunday we had church. We had meetings before and after church. We also had a baptism in the building for the Spanish branch. We were able to attend the baptism and this was fun because it was all in Spanish. President Bell and the APs also came to the baptism. This was fun talking to President Bell.  Then we had dinner with the Threlkeid Family. 
Cool Story. The day I got transferred in to this area here in Wichita we went shopping at Wal-Mart. I met Peggy. She was a recent convert when I was in Wellington. She ended up moving to Wichita when I was still in Wellington. Then when I ran into her in Wal-Mart we talked about church and her life and every thing. It ended up that she has not gone to church after she left Wellington. Finally this last Sunday she went to church. We were able to help her get a number for the bishop of her new ward and she was able to get a ride to church.  The funny thing is that she in not even in our stake here in Wichita. Now the ward knows her and is helping her get a ride to church now 
This week has been very nice because we had the car and the weather was not to cold. The area is starting to pick up and we have a great week planned for this next week. Thanks for all the letters and emails. 
Elder Andrew Allen. 

Here is an email I got this week. It is funny that Benjamin got to meet them.

Hello Elder Allen!

I was going through our past letters and finally found your email address. We've been looking for it since Christmas to send you an email.
Guess who we met at Christmas time in Iola?! You probably already know by now, but we wanted to send you photographic proof that we did meet and hang out with your twin over the holidays. It was great to meet him. We had to constantly say, this isn't the Elder Allen we knew in Larned because we would start joking around with him like it was old times. You guys REALLY look alike! But we could easily kid him about table saws like we did you! ;)
Anyway, we want to let you know how proud we are of you and your brother! Your parents raised you both very well.
Thank you for the Christmas card and for keeping in touch with us on your mission. It's been great to hear from you.
Keep up the great work you are doing for the Lord! The Gospel is true and it brings true happiness. Have a great new year.

Tessa and Glenn McMillan
Elder Benjamin Allen and the McMillans

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