Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan 5, 2015

This week has been Great. I am now moving down to Wichita, Derby area this next week. I will be serving in the El Dorado Branch. We live Augusta, Kansas. This is going to be a long day on Wednesday. But I will be in Kansas.

Elder Andrew Allen
Monday we spent time in Hiawatha. Had dinner with the senior sisters and had a great day. After dinner Sister Williams had a family Home evening lesson. She used Ice cream to represent Sunday. Then she had mustard and ketchup and hot sauce. These are different toppings that work for Hot Dogs but not for Ice Cream. We talked about the importance of keeping the Sunday holy and always remember the actives that help us turn to the Savior. Then we stopped by the Rasmussen. 

Tuesday we had district meeting then we had lunch. Then Brother Carrillo came out with us. We were able to see Adrian and then we tried Steven but he was not home. Then we went to see Brad but he was not home also. So we had about 15 min before Brother Carrillo had to leave. We ended up knocking a door next to Brad’s house. The lady there ended up knowing Brother Carrillo and let us in to talk with her. Then we had dinner with the Larsons. At dinner Sam, the sister’s Investigator was there. After dinner President Larson came out with us. We were able to see Bryan. 

Wednesday we went down to Topeka. I was able to see the ENT doctor. He said my ear looks better and is healing. There is a small membrane over the hole. He said to come back in 2 months and he will look at it again. Then we had time to see people on our way home. We saw the Routybushes and Brother Gibson and Steven. Then we had dinner with the Senior Sisters. Then we had to be in by 8 pm. So it was a quick night. 

Thursday we had weekly planning then we were able to see Teresa before we left for Seneca. In Seneca we saw Allan. He has gone through all of the cds of the Book of Mormon. Then we went over to the McGiffins to paint their Daughters Room. Then we had dinner after painting.  Then we had time to try a few other investigators but they were all not home. 

Friday we had time to work in Falls City. We were not able to see lots of people because every one went out of town or were out shopping or spending time with the family. But we were able to see Jess from Subway. Then we had dinner with Sister Meints. Then we had a Branch Game Night. This was fun we had several Less Active families come. This was a great night. 

Saturday we were able to contact every one that we were not able to see on Friday. We saw Jamie and Norma and Teresa and Lyle and The Rasmussens. 

Sunday we had a Great Fast and Testimony meeting. We had a few Less Active families there. This was a great Sunday. One of the largest groups of people. Then we went to Hiawatha to have dinner with the Senior Sisters. This was the last time we were going to be together as a district. Then we had time to see people in Horton. Then we drove to Lawrence. We ended up staying the night with the Zone Leaders because we have zone P-day today. 
Kansas sunset

Thanks for all the Letters. This next week is going to be great. Lots of Driving. Hope you all have a Great Week. Thanks for every thing.

Elder Andrew Allen.

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