Monday, December 29, 2014

Dec 29, 2014

This week has been Great. Lots of cool things that happened. 

Monday we emailed then shopped. After all of the shopping we went to the senior sisters to play games. We played UNO and had fun. Then we had dinner at Senior Sisters with the Hiawatha Sisters.  Then we went up to Falls to see a few people. 


Tuesday we had district meeting. Before District meeting I cleaned up after a mouse and set a few traps. When I was doing this Elder Riddle put on a Santa suit. During district meeting we talked about helping our investigators come to church and using all of the resources we have to help us and our investigators. Then we went down to Horton to see a few people. Saw Sister Jacobson in Willis, Kansas. Then we saw Steve and Sabrina Franklin. Then we went out to Everest and saw Brother Jessup and the sister investigator family and then saw Sister Betty Smith. 

Wednesday we had we had Weekly Planning. Also Elder Riddle went to the Doctor for his ankle. Saw Sam at the Doctors office and talked to her. She is a friend with the Larsons up in Falls City. Then we went out with the sisters caroling to people in Falls and Hiawatha. Then that evening I was able to finish the Book of Mormon. About a month ago President Bell asked all of us as a mission to read through the BofM and to look for Faith and Jesus Christ and the Atonement. This was the fastest I have read through the BofM. It was about 13 pages a day when we started. I finished it at 9:54 that night when we were asked to have it read by Christmas Night.
Elder Riddle

Thursday was Christmas. We were at the Senior Sisters at 7 am. Sister Gunderson made Breakfast for all of us. She made Pop Up pancakes or German pancakes. Then we opened up gifts. Then we song at the retirement home in Hiawatha. Skyped our families. It was nice all of us were able to meet everyone family because we all Skyped at different times. Then we had dinner at the Senior Sisters. Then we had a District Powwow. We talked about using the time we talked to our family to help us this next year in the missionary effort. 

Friday we worked up in Falls City. We were able to see lots of people. We were able to walk because it was nice out side. We saw Teresas and Lyle and The Myers. Then we had dinner with Sister Mients. We were able to teach her next-door neighbor because he was there for dinner. Then we saw the Rasmussen. Then we saw Jess at Subway. 

Saturday we went to Horton. We were able to see Adrian and his Brother in Law Steven. Then we saw Athena and Barren. They are a nice couple that have talked to missionaries for the last 5+ years.  Also we were able to meet their daughter Maria and talk with her. Then we had time to see The Sayliors. We were able to give her a blessing because she was sick. Then we went over to the Rasmussen to feed their dogs because they are out of town. Then we called President Larson to ask him a question. In the end he asked us to speak. 

Sunday we had Church. Before church we feed the dogs again. Then we went to church with President Larson. I talked about pray and about asking if the Book of Mormon is true. Then we had a great church meeting. It was very small. 5 priesthood holders and only President Larson. All of his counselors were out of town.  Then we had time to work in Falls City. We saw Teresa and Betty Smith and fed the Rasmussen dogs.

Thanks for all the Christmas Cards. Hope you all had a Great Christmas Break. Have a Happy New Year. Thanks For Every thing.

Elder Andrew Allen. 

Monday the sister’s house got sprayed for the Bed Bugs. So the Chruch spent $1000 to take care of the bugs. This came with a 6-month warranty. But they had to take off all the light and outlet covers in the whole house. They also had to clean every thing. 

Tuesday the sister moved back into their house after 3 week at the Senior Sisters house. That night Elder Riddle and I went and put all the covers back on for them. They did even know we did it till the next day. Then we also help the senior sister clean up the mess and every thing from having the sister leave there. 

Sunday we had about 25 people at church.

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