Monday, December 22, 2014

Dec 22, 2014

This week has been interesting. Lots of fun things happening. 

Monday we spent time at the Senior Sisters house with Sister Chapman and Sister Williams and Sister Gunderson. Then Sister Chapman when to pick Sister Murphy up in Kansas City from the Airport so we went and emailed. Sister Murphy was flying back from Seattle where she was for a week with her brother. Then when Sister Chapman and Sister Murphy got back we had dinner at the senior sisters’ house. Sister Gunderson and Williams fixed the food. Then we went out to carol in Hiawatha. 

Tuesday we had district meeting in Hiawatha. The Zone Leaders came and after District Lunch we went on exchanges. Elder Riddle went to Laurence with Elder Walton and I stayed in Hiawatha with Elder Godfrey. We were able to see Sister Jacobson in Willis and were able to meet her nonmember husband and talk to them about the atonement. Then we went to Horton about 12 miles south of Hiawatha. We were able to see Sabrina and others down there. Then we saw Brother Bone. Then we helped the Wheeler Family setup for the branch party at the church. We also had dinner with them. 

Wednesday Elder Godfrey and I went to Holton to exchange back. It ended up that Elder Walton and Riddle were two hours late so we spent time talking to people in Wal-Mart and DQ. Then we left Holton to travel to Whiting and back to Horton to finish see everyone in town. We had great lesson with a few of our investigators and the sisters. The sisters were not able to make it down because Sister Williams was sick so we stopped by a few of their houses for them. Then we had dinner at the Senior Sisters house and then had the branch party.  Then we cleaned up the church building.

Thursday I was Sick. We started weekly planning but did make it to far because I passed out on the couch. But we were able to finally get though it. Then we had dinner at Sister Meints house. Then we went over to Teresa and Norma’s. We were able to show them the Joy to the world DVD. 

Friday we were able to work in Falls City all day. We saw Lyle and Myers and Rasmussen and Jess. We were also able to talk to the mayor in town. We knocked on his door and he let us in and we talked about thing we can do to help him and the town. This was a great opportunity to talk to him. He was very nice.  After dinner we were walking to Shariah’s house when we stopped to talk to the next-door neighbor and he thought that we were the cops. It ended up that they called the cops because they need their help but we showed up first so they thought we were them. Then went by the Rasmussen and talked about church and reading the scriptures. Then we went to Subway on our way home to talk to Jess. Jess is a 24 mom of 2 kids that we found last week at Subway. Jess was working and we were able to talk to her and Jamie a less active until we got kicked out of the store by the manager. It ended up that the Manager saw on the camera feed that we were talking to them after buy a drink but we were talking to long so she called the store and told them to tell us that they have to finish cleaning. So we left but we were able to invite Jess to church this week. 

Saturday we had to take our car to the car shop. The back wheels had mud in the rims so they were vibrating the car. They were able to fix it and also rebalance the back tires. Now the car drives great. Then we had time to then play Uno in Hiawatha with the Retirement home. This was great to talk with them. I almost won but I forgot to say uno and Sister Williams caught me and I had to draw 6 cards so I lost. Then we went out to Seneca for dinner. We had dinner with the McGiffins. 

Sunday we had a small church meeting. We ended up having about 20 people. The missionaries and The Crowther Family all participated in the program. On Brother Crowther mission they had a lesson they taught during the holiday season about the importance of Jesus Christ and how he relates to Christmas. So he revised it and added congregational songs and scriptures and this is what we had for our program. Then we had combined 2nd hour and left. No third hour of church because of the road conditions. Then we had time to meet a few more less actives in Hiawatha before we went to Falls City. Sunday night we tried a former which was dropped a year ago. Stacy Foster teaching record stuck out to us when we were looking through the area book during weekly planning.  We were able to make it to her house. When we got there her 8-Year-old son answered the door. She then showed up to the door with just a towel around so that was interesting. It ended up that she could not talk because her husband was not home. We were about to give her a He is the Gift card but she said two guy in Wal-Mart in Hiawatha last week gave her one. So it is interesting that we ran into her twice in a week. 

I hope all of you have a safe week. Thanks for all the letters. I love all of you.

Elder Allen.

Could you pick out your baby picture?  Which picture did they use, one by yourself or one with Benjamin?
 It was funny because I recognized the pictures when they first when through them and then the president said that he has a twin so that gave it all away. 

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