Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec 1, 2014

This last week has gone by very fast and we had lots of sickness go around this area.

Monday we emailed in Hiawatha, cleaned the car and had time to record some of the songs the District is writing. Then we had dinner with the Senior Sisters in Hiawatha. Then we tried to meet with a few investigators in Hiawatha. Sister Williams ended getting sick after p-day.

Tuesday we had district meeting because none of us got transferred this week. We talked about the opportunities we have this holiday season to share the gospel. We then had district lunch then we drove back up to Falls to see a few people. Then we saw a few investors and less actives. Then we had dinner in Falls City with the Rasmussen.

Wednesday we made cookies for less actives and investors in the branch. We made cookies for 30 different families. This was a fun event as a district. During the evening we went to Everest and Horton and Wetmore and Corning and Seneca and Centralia. We were able to give them cookies and also sing a primary song. We song My Heavenly Father loves me. This was great that we were able to really lift people life up with a great song.

Thursday we finished delivering the cookies. We did Hiawatha and Rulo and Falls City, Morrila and Sabetha and Seneca. We had Thanksgiving at the Wheelers and Senior Sisters. We ate at 2pm with the Wheelers and then at 5 we ate with the senior sisters. Then we went after words to meet more less active in Highland and Robinson.
Elder Allen, Elder Riddle, Sister Gunderson, Sister Williams, Sister Chapman, Natalie, Sister Murphy
Natalie's daughters

Friday I was sick. We started weekly planning but I was out of it. So it did not go well.  But after a nap and lunch I felt better so we went over to see Norma and Teresa's. They fed us pie. Then we saw Tristan and Julie. Then we had dinner and then we to the town Christmas event in Falls City.  They had a window opening night. This is when all the shops are open and Santa came and a carriage ride. We ended up singing Christmas songs for the people passing.  The chamber of commerce of Falls City came up and thanked us for singing. Then we went over to the Rasmussen's to feed their dogs and help them set up their tree. This was fun to help them get in to the Christmas spirit.

Saturday we finished with weekly planning. Then we had time to contact formers and potentials in Falls City. We were able to find a new investigator and talk to many outside. It was 55 out side all day. A very nice day.  Then we had dinner and saw Tristan and Austin.

Sunday we had church. We had a few less active come and 2 investors from the sisters there. Then we worked Horton and Hiawatha after church. We also went out with the senior sisters to Robinson. We ended up heading to Lawrence Sunday night. We left Hiawatha about 7pm with the sisters following us to get to Lawrence for zone p-day on Monday.  We stayed the night in Lawrence with the zone leaders.

This week has been great. We were able to meet lots of people and have a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for every thing.

Elder Andrew Allen.

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