Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec 8, 2014

This week has been interesting. We have had lots of driving and meetings. It has gotten cold down here and lots of fog on the roads. 

Monday we had zone P-day in Lawrence. We were able to email at the Zone Leaders apartment’s Clubhouse. Then we went to a music store for Elder Riddle. Then as a Zone we meet at the Lawrence Gym. We were all able to get in and play soccer and Volleyball. Had a great time as a zone. Then we left for Hiawatha. Then the Senior sisters fix a dinner for us. This was a long p-day because of the drive back to Hiawatha. 

Topeka Zone
Tuesday we had District meeting. Elder Riddle trained us on using the "He is the Gift" Cards and different things that we can do to find new investigators this time of the year.  Then we help make more cookies for the sisters. They came up with an idea of passing out 3 plates of cookies to 3 families in Falls City and Hiawatha. These plates of cookies had instruction to pass the plate to another family. We started this to help the community spread the holiday spirit.  On the note it had a message of Christmas and a quote from a Apostle and #sharethegift. We were also able to see 2 new less active families in Hiawatha. Then we had dinner with the Senior Sisters. Then we went back up to Falls City to drop off the plates. We were able to have fun doorbell ditching people as missionaries. 

Wednesday we had weekly planning. During weekly planning Sister Williams called and told us that they have bed bugs. This explains why Sister Williams for the last 2 months has had lots of bites. So the sisters ended up washing all of their clothing and drying it. They ended up moving to the Senior Sisters place till the Mission can clean the apartment. Then we had time to see Alan and others in Seneca. Then we helped the McGiffins paint their Girl’s Room pink. Then we had dinner with the McGiffins after painting. Then we went out in Seneca Caroling Christmas songs. 

Thursday Elder Riddle had a District Leader meeting in Topeka. So we drove down to Topeka and I went with two elders for the morning. Then President Bell took us all out for lunch after the meeting. Then we drove to Horton and worked our way back to Falls City. We were able to see Brother Jessip and Sister Arthroten and help the Saiors move a few things. 

Friday we went out with the Senior Sisters to Humbolt. We were able to see Ann Taylor a Less Active and give her a Book of Mormon, then we saw a few others. Then we had time to see Teresa and her son Blake. Then we had cordination with President Larson and with the Senior Sisters and Young Sisters. Then we had dinner with Sister Meints. Then rode down with President Larson to Highland to move the Allen Family. 

Missionaries at the Crowthers
Saturday we had Zone Training in Topeka. This was a long 41/2 hour meeting. Then we had lunch.  Everyone in the zone left except us and the Hiawatha Sisters because the meeting ran a hour and a half over. Then we went to Valley Falls to see a member but it ended up he was out in Utah. So we left for Hiawatha. We ended up getting stuck in the mud because we drove down a dirt road so we didn't have to go out side of the mission. This was Fun but we got our car dirty.  Then we had dinner with the Crowther Family. We had a long drive home after dinner. There was lots of fog on the roads driving to dinner and back. 
Elder Riddle in the mud after the car was stuck

Sunday we had a small Branch Fast Sunday. We had 33 People there. But we had a great meeting. Then we had time to invite people in town to the Christmas Devotional. We ended up having Teresa and her son Blake show up to the church building to watch the Broadcast.  This was great to hear about Christmas and stories of people’s families. Then we heard from the senior sisters that Ann Taylor loves the Book of Mormon and has read the First 6 chapters. 

Thanks for all the letter and emails. I hope you all have a great week.
Elder Andrew Allen

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