Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 15, 2014

This week has gone by fast.

Monday we had time to email and then we went over to the senior sister place. Had dinner with the Senior Sisters. Then we went caroling in Hiawatha with the sisters.

Tuesday we had District Meeting. Then we had time to go back up to Falls and teach a few people. We were able to see The Rasmussen and Lyol and Jim.

Wednesday we had time to wash the Car again because we did not get all of the mud out of it on Monday. The tires were vibrating the car because there was mud in the inside of the rims. Then we had Weekly Planning and then helped Sister Larson at the Public Library in Falls City. There was a Youth Exercise Program happening at the library so we were asked to help them. This was lots of fun to help the kids with the games and make crafts . Then we went over to Teressa’s and were able to talk to her. Then we stopped in at Subway to try to talk to a less active but she was not there. We ended up meeting Jess. About 13 weeks ago Elder Pasquale and I ran in to her when she was with her friend Katie. So this time she asked us if we were going to convert her. We ended up leaving a He is the Gift card with her. Then we got Gas.  As we were doing this Elder Riddle and I felt like we need to invite her to be baptized so we went back. She was on a smoke brake when we got there and was willing to talk to us. It ended up that her mom is a member of the church and she went when she was young. What a miracle.

Thursday we had a mission Christmas Party and Specialized Training. We left Falls at 7:30 am to make it to the Stake Center in Topeka at 9:00 Am.  We first had the meeting part of the Day. We were able to also have time to have a hands on Activity. The Zone leaders in Topeka and Lawrence and the Sister Training Leaders all Dressed up as non-Members and when through the building to a classroom. Then as Districts we taught them about the Book of Mormon.  Then we had lunch and Games after. We played “What missionary is this baby”. (Mom sent a picture to the Mission Home)  This was lots of fun. Then we sang songs and then had Book of Mormon charades. Then we left Topeka to Seneca. We stopped in Wetmore and saw the Rosebushes and then drove to Seneca. In Seneca we saw Allen and meet a few new people. Then we went to Hiawatha and saw the Atlaksons and went over to the senior sister’s to give Sister Williams a blessing. A long day with lots of Driving.

Friday we had time to work Falls City and pass out He is The Gift Cards. We were able to meet a few new people because of the New Cards. Then we had dinner with the Larson Family. Then we saw Austin and Tristan. Then we stopped over at Norma and Teressa’s.  Norma thanked us for all the help we done and the example we have been to Derick and Blake, her Grandsons.  Then we saw the Rasmussen.

Saturday we had time to see the Myers before we left to Hiawatha. Then we played Uno with the sisters at the retirement Home. This was fun to play with them and to get to know them.  Then we had the Hiawatha Bell Choir come and perform at the church building. One of the members of the Choir is also a member of the church.  Then we had dinner with Sister Meints. Then we saw Jamie at Subway.

Sunday we had a small Church Meeting.  Then we contacted less actives in Hiawatha. Then we went to Falls and also saw less actives. Saw the Rasmusens and talked about Joseph and Marry.  Saw Teressa and started to teach her son Blake who is 19 and moving to Prescott AZ.  Then we tried to see Jess at Subway But she was not there because she was sick.

This week has been great. Thanks for all the Letters and Emails. Hope you all have warm week because it is getting cold up here. Thanks.

Elder Andrew Allen

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