Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nov 24, 2014

This week has been very interesting. Lots of meetings and Great learning time.
Monday we spent time Emailing and then we had time to spend at the senior sisters place before dinner. Then we went over to Betty Smiths house and blessed their house.
Tuesday we had district meeting. Then we had District Leader Interviews. After lunch we went out to Horton to work. We were able to meet a few less active and see our investor out there. We were also able to visit the Bone Family and Brother Jessip. Then we traveled to Morrill to see the Sailors.
Wednesday we had time to start weekly planning. Then we saw Teresa and stopped by the assisted living home to see if we could do service this holiday time. Then we saw Jeremy and Josh. Then the sisters asked if we could give their investor in Horton a blessing because she is stopping smoking. We had a road trip before dinner. Then we had dinner with The Larsons. After dinner President Larson took us out to see people.
Thursday we finished weekly planning and then had lunch at the senior sister place. Then we went out in Hiawatha to find Rodney. We were not able to find him. Then we saw Norma and Teresa. Then we had a lesson with Jeramey’s parents. They fist only wanted to give the Book of Mormon back but we were able to share our message with them. Then we saw the Rasmussen and Jamie.
Friday we had time to contact former investors and see people before dinner. We saw Bryan and Julia. Also I had to talk to mission Medical coordinate about my ear. She asked how it was and then called back to say that I need to see the doctor today or I would have to go to the Urgent care in St Joe. So I talked to Brother Barns and he said it was good.  He also said the Urgent Care could would of not been able to do any thing. Then I informed Sister Chumbly about what the doctor said. It ended up that she didn't know that I had a hole in the ear. Then we had dinner with sister Mients. Then we had open mic night at the Daily Perk.
Saturday we stake conference. We ended up riding with the Larson down to Topeka. This was a great night. Elder Real of the 70 came and spoke to us. He and all of the other speakers talked about missionary work.  Elder Real also talked about our prayers. Are we saying morning prayers and family prayers and prayers with our wife or husband? Then we stayed the night with the Lake Shawnee Elders in Topeka.
Sunday we had another great meeting. We were able to hear from the Temple President and his wife. Then Elder Real talked more about Prayers. He described our relationship and the meaning of prayers. Then we rode home with the Larson back to Nebraska. Then we saw Teressa and the Rasmussen and Jamie.
I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for all the Letters. I hope you all stay warm and dry. Thanks for every thing.
Love Elder Andrew Allen

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