Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov 17, 2014

This week has been long. Lots of meeting and driving and little time to teach people. 

Monday we had p-day. We washed our car and Played Frisbee at the church with the sisters. Then we went over to the Senior sisters before dinner and listened to Elder Riddle and Sister Gunderson and Sister Williams sing Christmas music. Then we had dinner. As we started to eat our investigator showed up 2 hours early. He ended up eating with us while we had a lesson with him. Rodney was found by the Sisters but they turned him over to us. 

Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Topeka. This was the Lawrence and Topeka Zones. There are about 50 missionaries in the two zones. We left Falls City by 6:30 to be in Topeka by 8. At 8 am we went and practiced our musical number. All 4 of us missionaries here in Hiawatha branch sang with Sister Heger playing the piano. Then at 9 am we started the zone conference. This meeting when to 5 Pm. One of the wards in Topeka provided a lunch for all of us. We had a great time of training from President Bell and The Aps and other Missionaries and Stake officers. Then we drove to Hiawatha and met with Rodney at the senior sister place. 

Wednesday we had weekly planning. After weekly planning we had time to see a few people here in Falls City before we left for Seneca. In Seneca we saw Courtney and we stopped by Alan’s house but he was not home. Then we went over to the McGiffans house to help them paint. We were painting their daughter’s room. They have a very old house with plaster walls. This was fun helping them paint. Then we had dinner and then saw Jenifer. Jenifer is a mom of 2 that is going though a divorcee. She recognized that we were a sign to help her as she is going though this change.  She is catholic but is willing to talk to us and read from the Book of Mormon. We almost hit a deer in the road driving back to Falls City.

Thursday we had a mission Conference. This was in Emporia, KS. Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer of the 70 came and talked to us. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive to Emporia because we stopped in Lawrence to pick up a set of elders that did not have a car. When we got there, there were only about 30 people but when we started there was about 150. We were able to personally shake Elder Schwitzer hand before we started. We had President Bell and Sister Bell speak then we had Sister Schwitzer then Elder Schwitzer. This was great to learn from him. He talked about using the Book of Mormon to help our members and non Members come unto Christ. He told us lots of cool facts that are in the Book of Mormon that help prove that Joseph Smith translated it instead of writing it. This meeting was very nice. He told us lots of stories and made lots of jokes during the meeting. Then after the meeting he sat down and talked to all the Zone Leaders and Aps. How nice would it be to talk one on one with a member of the 70. Then we had dinner there in the church building. Then we left for Falls City. 

Friday was district meeting. I saw the doctor in Sabetha. He said my ear looks better but there is still a hole in it. It might take 3 months to heal. Then we had district meeting in Hiawatha. Our district is Us Elders and The Sisters and the Senior Sisters. Elder Riddle is the District Leader. Then we had a few lessons in Falls City before dinner. After dinner we were asked to play at the local coffee shop in Hiawatha. Every Friday they have an open mic night were people come and play. It ended up no one came but Elder Riddle and Sister Gunderson and Sister Williams still played and sung. We were able to talked to the lady that was working at the shop. We found out she had friend that are members in Alaska.

First Snow
Saturday it snowed. We saw the Rasmussen and Tristan and Austin and others. We shoveled people’s walkways for them. Then we had a movie night at the church building. We ended up snow blowing the church parking lot before the movie. We had 4 non-Members there with about 15 other members. 

Sunday we had church. It was very small because of the snow. We then were able to find 2 new people in here in Falls City and able to see Teresa and Tristan. 

This week has been very cold. In the 15-30 rage all week. We got about 1 inch of snow. Thanks for all the letters. Hope you all stay warm this week.

Elder Andrew Allen. 

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