Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

This week has been very fast and lots of things happening. 

Monday we emailed and we washed the car and went shopping. Then we went over to the senior sister place for rest of the day and had dinner with them. 

Tuesday we had district meeting at the Hiawatha building and district lunch. Then we came back to Falls City to see Austin and Tristan and others. Then we had dinner with the Larsons. The sisters taught about studying the Christ like attributes and how that can help us when we do our missionary work.  Then we were able to see the Rasmussen family. 

Elder Riddle, Elder Allen, Sister Williams, Sister Gunderson
Wednesday we had weekly planning. Then we went out to Seneca for our branch party.  On the way we saw Sister Smith and Brother Kelly in Sabetha. Then in Seneca we saw Alan and Jenifer. Then we helped the McGiffan family setup a few things before the party.  The party was lots of fun and we had 3 non-member families come to the party with a few less actives. 

Thursday we were able to see the Meyers. They are a older couple and we tried to help them find more of their ancestors but were not able to find to many yet. We were also able to see Katie, Teresa and Norma Then we meet with Colton and JT and then had some time for finding. Then we went down to Hiawatha to help the sisters move their bed and spray for bugs in their house. Sister Williams was having bug bites.   They thought it was from spiders under their beds. We were able to clean up all the food and junk under their beds and get the spiders killed. Then we had dinner with the senior sister. 

Friday we help a member move and had time to contact less actives. We also had dinner with Sister Meints in Hiawatha and then watched the 100 year parade in Hiawatha. We sat next to the Rasmussen and the Senior Sisters and the young Sisters. Not many people talk to you when there is candy and a Holiday involved 

Saturday we went to Humbolt and Rulo with the Senior Sisters. We found lots of member moved but we were able to talk to a 92 year old member that remembers every thing and still reads out of the Book Of Mormon. It is great to see that when you get old you can still read and pray and seek revelation through the Book Of Mormon. We were also able to see Alan Kelly who is a Native American from the Iowa Tribe here in Kansas and Nebraska. We learned a lot from him about the protection of Indian graves and artifacts. 

Sunday we had a small meeting. But we did have a few less actives there. Then we had a great lesson on family history in Elders quorum and great Branch Council meeting. Then we saw Teresa and Jamie and the Rasmussen after dinner. 

This week has been great. I hope all of you had a great Holiday and stayed safe. thanks for the mail and letters.
Elder Andrew Allen

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