Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19, 2015

This week has been interesting.  This week was also bike week for us. Lots of tracing because we don't have lots of investigators. The weather has been very warm and nice. 

Monday we had p-day at the stake center. We spent time also playing games in the building. Then we had time to tract around our house. We ran into a few people that have talked to missionaries before and they were very nice. 
Pond by apartment

Elder Caly and Elder Allen

Elder Allen

Tuesday we had district meeting. Then we had time to tract.  Then we meet a few members that we traced into. This was fun to knock on their door and they let us right in.  Then we had dinner with the Simmons family. They are a younger family that has 3 kids and he is a mechanic in the air force. They are a great family that is working on going to the temple to be sealed as a family. 

Wednesday we had weekly planning and the plumber came over to fix the tub. Then we had time to talk to people. Not to many people wanted to talk to us. It was a nice day. 

Thursday the zone leaders went on exchanges with us. This was fun because they called when we weren’t having lots of thing happening. I went with Elder Hughs and found a few people that are interested in talking with us. Then we exchanged back and had dinner with The Hunts. Then we went over to the McKnights. We had scripture study with them. 

Friday we had time to bike around the Area seeing former Investigators. We were able to met lots of people. Then we dinner with The McKnights. This was fun because we were able to talk to their daughter that is back from Idaho on break. Then we had time to also see Bryan and a few less actives. Today was very warm. 

Saturday we went up to Maize. There was lots of wind when we were biking and it was very warm. A very nice day. We were able to talk with the talk with members. Then we saw Nyles and Lafe.  

Sunday we had church. There were lots of changes in the ward because we had a few families that moved in and moved out. We saw Nyles with Caleb Hunt. Then we had dinner with The Cocannours. Then we visited a man in the hospital with a member. 

This week we had tots of time to contact people to build our teaching pool. We also had time to meet the members. This week we get the car. Thanks for every thing. Have a great week. 


Elder Allen

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