Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

This week has been good. We have been able to talk to many people and see lots of members of the church.

Monday we spent most of the time at the Fillmores.  We also went to give Brittney a blessing because she has bronchitis. We had dinner and breakfast with Fillmores. Then we were able to see Brittney and Jarred and many others.
Elder Allen winning the pancake eating competition

Tuesday we had district meeting. Then we went out with Brother Miller to work for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. We were building a rain catch to provide water for the animals.   This was lots of fun.  There was Dave Miller and Derek, Charlie, Austin Crow and the Elders. We had lots of fun and lots of driving. We even had fun talking and fixing problems. We then had dinner with the Millers and then Sports night.  Lots of fun playing dodge ball.

Wednesday we had time to talk to lots of people in our apartment. We even had time to see Pete and Stanna and Tyler. We had time to also meet many people in town.

Thursday we saw Paulina, Jamie and Dennis and the Mastes family. We then left for Garden City because of our meeting on Friday.  We were able to still talk to people as we stopped in towns and gas stations. We ended up staying the night at the Spanish Elders place in Garden City.

Friday we had Zone Training. This went very long, they went over an hour and we still had to get lunch. Then after lunch Elder Mcintir talked to the Zone leader for an hour. Then we left about 4:30. Then on our way back we saw the Beard Family. We were able to talk to them and their less active daughter and her non-member kids. The Beards have been coming to church the last 6 weeks and are working to go to the temple. Then we had dinner with the Halls.  After Dinner we went on splits. I went with Tyler Bolinger and Brother Hall went with Elder Mcintir. We all had a great time.

Saturday we did service at the Millers house. We cleaned their house and also cleaned outside. It was lots of fun talking to Brother Miller when we were working on the project. Then we talked to Jarred and Brittney out at the Millers. Then were able to see Marcus, Ben and Paulina.
Lamar District Missionaries

Sunday we had a great church meeting. We had lots of people show up. After the sacrament we had to set up more chairs. This is cool to the see the ward grow. Brittney and Jarred were able to come and stay for two hours. Then we went over to their house for lunch. Then we saw the Deman Family and the Loveless Family. Then we had dinner with the Clarks.

This had been a great week and we saw lots of progression in many people this week. Jarred and Brittney are still working to baptism. Jarred had cleared up all the legal things that were holding him back now they are planning on getting married. Thanks for every thing.

Elder Andrew Allen

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