Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

This week has been good. Lots of Driving. 

Monday we had p-day with the Fillmores and the Sisters. Then we had dinner with the Maestes Family. It was Brother Maestes birthday so it was lots of fun. Then we saw Jarred and Brittney.

Tuesday we had district meeting. The Zone Leaders came up and spent the morning with us. Then I went down to Garden City with Elder Whitaker. This was a great trip. We were able to see a few investigators before dinner with the Bishop of their ward. We were able to talk to the Bishop about how we could help him. He gave us some great ideas that we could do to help him and the ward. 

Wednesday we exchanged back. We meet at the Colorado border. We took pictures and then left. We then had time to study and weekly planning. Then we had lunch and then we went out to visit people. We were able to see Tyler and talk to Leo. Then we had dinner and then went to the church for a church tour. It ended up that he did show but we were able to talk to many members at the church building. 

Thursday we had a long day. We had lots of people not home. We were able to see Sister Smith and Brother Simmons and Pauline.  Then we had dinner with Sister Edwards and Brother Sanders. We were able to help them prepare for their wedding this week. Then we went to the Senior Center to hear Brother Simmons play in the 50-60 band. We were able to talk to lots of the people there. 

Friday morning we drove down to Garden City. Elder Mcintire had a DL meeting with the ZL and AP. During this meeting I went with the other companions out to teach people. I went with Elder Gaum and Elder Marley. They are both new missionaries so it was fun to talk to them because they asked lots of questions about my mission. Then we had lunch and drove back. We were able to see the Beard family and the Hicks on the way back. Then we had dinner with the Clarks. Then we helped Zachariah set up the Community center for the reception. 

Saturday we had the wedding at the Church Building. It was a total of 6 min with the Bishop performing the Ceremony. Then the Family took pictures and then we had the Reception at the Community Building. This was a great time because we were able to meet several people in Lamar that are not members. Then we went out to the Millers. We were able to fix the Tractor and to start to plow their garden.  We were able to talk to Opal, Brittney and Jarred out at the Millers. 

Sunday we had Church. We had a small amount of members show up. We had 111 attend church today. We were able to help a traveling nurse move in to Lamar. She met the Fillmores at the church and asked for help and we were called. Then we had dinner with the Whites. After dinner I played with their kids while the other missionaries did the lesson. We were able to build a train track. Lots of fun. Then we saw Brittney and Jarred. We were able to talk about them getting married but it sounds like this will be a hard step for them because they lose all the money from the state that they need. But we are still trying to help them. 

Thanks for every thing. Have a safe week and Remember to follow Jesus Christ. Just for your heads up we are having Elder Holland come to the Mission on May 2nd. So we will be all going to Wichita that week.  This is going to be a great day. 

Elder Andrew Allen

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