Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13, 2014

This week has been great. Lots of meetings and lots of fun. 

Monday was really cold.  The cold was -30 with the wind chill. We stayed inside the Stake Center all day. Had a nerf fight and basketball.  Then we had dinner with the Paz family. After dinner we went over to the Wright’s house to talk about the baptism and to have the interview. 

Tuesday we had zoo service and visiting less actives.  This was our first time at the zoo this year. Rick has been gone the last 3 weeks and finally made it back this week. Because of the cold, Rick had us come inside the rainforest and trim the plants. We trimmed small plants to big trees. It was lots of fun.  Elder Arend and I then went out and delivered invitations to the ward movie night. The movie night was on Friday. We were planning on showing 17 miracles. I was able to get permission from president Bell to watch this movie at the ward party.  Then we had dinner with Andy Homewood. He is the son of Ray Homewood who we live with. We then were able to go out with Brother Homewood to the Downs house to visit with Dale and Shawn. 
Sloth at the Topeka Zoo

Wednesday we helped with the Bishop Storehouse. Then we had dinner with Ray Homewood. And then we went to deliver invitations to the members. Then we were able to talk with Bishop and Brother Scerbo and Brother Kubie at the church building during YM and YW. 

Thursday we had a zone conference. President Bell came with the Ap. This meeting was from 9am to 5 pm. lots of talks and training. This training was all about becoming better missionary with the things we have been given. Working more with the area book and setting better goals and working with the ward leaders. President and Sister Bell also talked a lot about the age change and how much closer Elders And Sister ages are so close. This has leds to a lot of flirting in our zone and has led to transfers of missionary that should not be happening. This was a big talk they had with us, they told us that we came on a mission not to find a wife or husband but to share the gospel to others that don't have it. President Bell told us that we would be able to see miracles if we follow the mission rules. 

Friday the District Leaders and Zone Leaders had a meeting with president Bell. This meeting was for DL and ZL to talk about the new rules and new thing in the zone. So I went with the other missionaries that their companions had to be at the meeting. So I went with Elder Bird and Elder Maisey. We were able to have a lesson with Brother Shovar of my ward and try other people in Topeka. Then we went out for lunch. President Bell took all of the leadership out for lunch. Then we had a movie night. We showed 17 miracles and had several members and investigators come and watch it with us. This was a nice video and great time.

Saturday we had a baptism of Amelia Wright. I first started out teaching her then we gave her to the sisters to teach when they came into the ward. Amelia is 10 and it was nice that her father was able to baptize her. This was a great thing to see the family change from inactivity to working to go to the temple.

Sunday we had Ward Council. Ward Council was great. We were able to talk about several families that the ward wants help with and the families the missionaries are work with. This was the best Ward Council I have had in this ward. Church was great and had lots of people come to church. Then we had dinner with the Hollingsworth family and had time to visit the Sister’s investigator and give her a blessing. Great day. 

This week has been great. Lots of meeting and a baptism. Thanks for every thing. 

 Elder Andrew Allen

Sisters Smart and Sister Macovichuk and Amilia.
Sloth in the rainforest in the Topeka Zoo.

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