Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan 6, 2014

This week was very fun with the New Year.

Monday we had a fun P-day with Brother Homewood. Brother Homewood took us out for lunch and out to see a new part of town. We then had dinner also with Brother Homewood. 

Tuesday Elder Arend was sick. We stayed in most of the day but were still able to go on team up with the ward members. A set of missionaries called us and gave of some info on a member that wanted a blessing. This member was Billy Arnold. About 4 months ago we ran into him in Carbondale.  He gave us his info. We tried to find his membership but was not able to find it. This week I was able to go out with Brother Broz. We were able to find him and talk with him and give him a blessing. That night Brother Broz was able to find his membership with the new info he gave us. Then I went out with Brother Scerbo to dinner and a lesson after. Brother Homewood stayed with Elder Arend all day. 

Wednesday Elder Arend was not felling all great so we stayed in. We did weekly planning and also calling our members and working with the area book.

Thursday we went out and walked in the cold weather. It was very cold and not a lot of people home.  We were able to get in with the Paz family and also Kaleb. It was a very cold day. Then we had dinner with Brother Homewood and the Sisters came over also.  The Zone Leader allowed us to have the Sisters and a team up come and have dinner with us and Brother Homewood. 

Friday we had Zone training. This was long. It was 4.5 hours long and also lunch after the training.  In training the Zone leaders told us that 49% of our missionaries have been out for less than 6 months, which is incredible! A sign of the hastening of the work. So, they are now working to train us missionaries working on all aspects of missionary work all the time.  It was good and it took all day. Then we had dinner with the Davis and Clyde family. Both of these families are living in one house. Sister Clyde is having a baby this next few weeks and there are lots of children. This was fun because we were able to talk to Brother Davis about our investigator and about deep church facts and trivia. 

Saturday we help Matt Davis with his wood flooring and also his outside siding. This was nice to help him put in the flooring. Matt Davis was very grateful for all the help we were able to help him with. Then we had dinner with Matt’s family and the Washburns and the sisters. 

Sunday was snowy, cold and church. The church building was very cold. It was 61 in the chapel and outside was 5 and with wind chill it was -15. We still had church but it was very small. All of the people that live down south were not able to make it to church because of all the snow and the cold temperature.  But it was a wonderful Fast Sunday. Then we had dinner with the Scerbo family and had fun time at home because of the cold. 

This week was very good. One thing that has really stuck to me this week was, how the mission has changed the training and goals to fit with the new missionaries and new mission. This is what we need to do in our life is change our goals and habits to fit the direction that we what to take in life.  This might be changing our work, or hobbies or spending more time with the scriptures and at the temple. I am really looking foreword to the end of this mouth when we get to go to the Kansas City temple with our mission president. 

Hope all of you stay warm and safe. Thanks for every thing.

Love Andrew J Allen

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