Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 20, 2014

This week has been long and difficult. We did not have the car. We were blessed to be in Montara all week. Montara is the small community down where we live. There is about 1080 house in this old Air Force base. 

Monday we emailed and played basketball and had good time.

Tuesday we had zoo service. Rick had us trimming trees and cleaning in the rain forest. Once every year they trim the trees. They usually do this in the winter because it gives the Mormon Missionaries something to do when it is cold outside. This was fun to trim trees and still stay warm inside. Then we were able to try several people that had missionary contact in the past. Then we had dinner with the Eldridge Family. After dinner we went to the Downs family. We were able to talk to Dale about YM and Wednesday activities. Dale said that he would like to go to mutual this week.

Wednesday we had weekly planning. Then we were able to visit with Sister Scerbo. We were able to talk about the creation and missionary work with members. Then we had dinner with the Paz family. Then we were able to go with Bother Scerbo and Alex, his son, Dale and a non-member. The ward had a combined mutual and were playing bishop ball. Bishop Ball is crab soccer. You play with a big yoga ball and try and get the most points while traveling like a crab on you hands and legs. Elder Arend and I were on the side that won. This was a fun night. Dale and the non-member really liked it. Everyone had fun.

Thursday we were able to do some service for Ray Homewood. We fixed a hole in the drywall and help do other projects around the house. Then we talked to some of our neighbors and then had dinner with the Scerbos. Then we had the 3rd new member lesson with Dale and Shawn. We heard that Dale talked a lot about mutual. This was a great lesson. 

Friday we had district meeting and then splits with the Kaw Valley missionaries. The Kaw Valley missionaries are in our district. So Elder Arend went with Elder Hamelwright and I went with Elder Murphy. We were able to visit Travis Jackson and the Siefferts and the Paz family. Then we had dinner with the Downs and then got Elder Arend back from Elder Hamelwright.

Saturday we were able to go and do service at Matt Davis’s house. They are building a pig pin for their 4 pigs. We were drilling holes for the post with the help of a tractor. We were not able to drill lots of holes because the drill broke the bolt that held on the bit from the PTO shaft. Then we had dinner with the Ross family.

Sunday we had church and dinner. Then we went to a priesthood meeting with Andy Homewood Sunday night. 

This week we were able to see the Lord's hand in helping us find the members that were home and needed us to come over. Lots of hard work but a nice week. Thanks for all the letters. Thanks for every thing. 

Love Elder Andrew Allen

The Pigs at Matt Davis’s house are nice and fun to see. 

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