Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sept 2, 2014

This week has been very fun and lots of work. 

Monday we went up to the Derby Stake Center to have P-Day with all the missionaries in the Derby Stake. Played volleyball and talked and made a rain stick. Then we came home and tried to see people but no one answered. 

Tuesday we had district meeting at the Ark City Building. The Sisters ended up being late so we had time to clean the church building and prepare for district meeting. Then we had lunch and went out with a return missionary in our ward. Brother Matt Shaff came back from Nicaragua. We were able to see several Spanish families with him. Then he took us out to dinner. This was lots of fun to talk to him about his mission and learn about what he did. Then we had time to cheek up on some of investigators in Ark City. 

Wednesday we had time to do Weekly planning and time to update our Area Book. Then we were able to go out and see people. Had dinner with the McDowra family and then time to try less actives in town. 

Elder Allen, Orlando and Tate McCaslin outside the Arkansas City Chapel
Thursday we also saw less actives and tried to find new people through the less actives. We were able to find 3 new investigators during the day. We found Luck and Miranda, which just moved into Ark City from Montana. They are a nice young couple that is part of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. 

Then we had dinner with the Rupe family and then a nice lesson with their family about the Restoration of the Church. 

Friday we had time to work in Winfield. We meet with Aaron Henry, which is a recent convert and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Then we went Less Active Hunting. We were able to find out that several families have moved and tracked into a Jehovah Witness family. He is a woodworker and is very into his church. We had a nice talk about missionary work and the Book of Mormon. Told us we could come back to help him with his yard. Then we had dinner with the England Family.  Had homemade Ice Cream sandwiches. Then we came back and saw the MiItton Family and others in Ark. 

Saturday we had time to work on our hunt for Less Actives in Ark.  Then we meet with Dale and then had dinner with the Lawrence family in Winfield. This was a great dinner because we were able to talk about what we can do to help the branch. Then we came back down to Ark City to work and remind the Rupe family about Church.
Sign left by an investigator's wife

Sunday we had a great church. It was very unorganized because Branch President Gott was gone because of his heart attack on Monday and the First Counselor from the stake Presidency was there and the primary just switched from one sharing time to two sharing and class times. Gospel principle class was great. We had 4 less actives and several members in the class. The topic was our Heavenly Father.  Then for the 5th Sunday lesson they had an emergency preparedness class. This was a great time to learn who to contact in a emergency.  Then we had dinner with the Lyman family and had a great night see people. 

Monday we had P-day. Found out I am going to get transferred to Fall City, Nebraska. We went up to the mission office to have a group P-day. Lots of fun with more missionaries.  Talked to the Senior Couples in the office and had fun. Then we drove back down to Ark City. On the way back we felt impressed to see the England family. It ended up that half of the Branch was there. It was nice that I was able to say bye to many families that I have been able to work with. During this time we had a large storm and hail and strong winds. This was a fun night. 


I am looking forward to being in Fall City, Nebraska but it is going to be sad to leave this branch. I have grown to love lots of these members here and truly want to help them and I hope I have helped in these last 4 weeks. I hope that the Branch will be turned into a Ward by the end of the Year. 

Thanks for All of the letters and Emails. Have an awesome week. Talk to you next week. 

Elder Andrew J Allen

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