Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept. 22, 2014

This week has been very cold and very hot and rain. Lots of walking around town meeting and teaching people

Monday we had p-day. We Emailed and then worked on our bikes. We ended up boiling our bike chains in car oil and lubricated them.  Then we went out to find people. 

Tuesday we had district meeting in Hiawatha. We were able to clean the church building before district meeting. This is the first district meeting in Hiawatha with 6 missionaries. After district meeting we went and picked up lunch and took it back to the church building. Then we had time to visit people in Fall City. 

Wednesday we had weekly planning and then another day of seeing people. Tried all the less actives in town and saw all of the actives also. 

Thursday we had a day of talking to people on the streets of Fall City. Had dinner with Sister Meints. Was able to see Teresa Lewis a recent convert and talk with her mother. Saw the Rasmussen family. 

Friday we went over and helped Brother Rodrick Rowland with his deck. Then we went to a small town in Kansas. Found a new investigator in Morrill, Kansas. Then we went to Sabetha to Sister Smith’s with Brother Gibson. Talked to Sister Smith about the blessing of being baptized. Then had dinner with the McGiffins in Seneca. Then we went home after a day of driving. 

Saturday we also walked around town meeting the people that were not home on Wednesday. It was hot and humid all day. Not a fun day to walk around in. 

Sunday we had church. Then we had time to knock a few doors in Fall City. Then we had dinner at the senior sisters’ house. They had a nice dinner prepared for us. Had a nice talk about the branch and how we can help the branch.  Then we had time to visit Tristan in Fall City. 

This week we have walked lot. The weather has also been very varied here in Nebraska. 

Thanks for Every thing.  Have a great week. 
Elder Andrew Allen

Yes I am working hard. This is a hard area with teaching people that progress to baptism but I have met a few people that could be baptized in the next few weeks. We were working on our bikes last week but were not able to fix them all the way on Monday so we will finish today. We will be riding them after we fix Elder Pasquale Bike. 

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